Friday, June 15, 2018

Shadows and Shades

Photos taken in our back yard.  
I've never really been a 'green' girl.  I like green fine; however, I tend to
gravitate toward bright, bold red colors.  My husband is a 'green' man though.
He has designed and landscaped this area with shades of green.
He has quite the eye for plant design in pottery too. He does it all and I applaud.
As it has evolved, My Mind's Eye, has come to recognize green as a most calming and soothing color.
The deep green of the ivy is enhanced by the variegated liriope, hostas, pottery and gazing ball.  Each  has different shades, shapes and forms as the sun moves over the house to the west.

Saturday, June 9, 2018


Do you see and hear what I hear?
I love the sound of water...
Today we went to Logan's Trading Company (a garden nursery).  I took nearly 40 photos.
The koi pond was full of lily pads just starting to bloom.

After I finished 'playing with the original'  in My Mind's Eye I saw  lightning bugs.  I think some of you might call them fire flies.   When times were simpler,we made our own fun. We
looked forward to waiting for the lightning bugs to come out at night. 
Back then the yards were filled with them. I don't see nearly as many as I used to see.
I expect they are still around but easier to see outside of the city where there aren't so many street lights.
I saw my first lightning bug and dragon fly of the summer this past week.  It made me smile and think of summer nights long ago.  

 I used Pizap's space filter below.

Here are just a few of the beautiful water fountains that were on display.
Do you have a favorite?  I really like the last one on the right.  
My Mind's Eye sees a babbling brook in the mountains.

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Story of Jerry and Elsa

In September 2015 we  took a land tour with Globe Treks Travel out of
Hendersonville, NC.  Globe Treks caters to Seniors...(not high school). 
In 2015 I did an week's series, over at my other blog about the wonderful trip starting here 

During this trip we met some of the nicest people; however, one couple
Jerry and Elsa stand out in My Mind's Eye.  Here is their story.
This post is told by Madi(son) D Cat.

They were Jerry, age 95, and Elsa, age 89.
Jerry was born and raised in New Jersey
Elsa was born in the Black Forest of Germany.
She and her family moved to the the USA when she was six.
They retired to North Carolina many years ago

This is Elsa she does not look her age nor did she act it...
look at that beautiful smile
Very spry and spunky
Elsa wanted to climb a lighthouse but Jerry was not able to climb.
He told her she had to go with some buddies.  She asked my peeps if she could climb the 250 steps of Cape Hatteras lighthouse with them.  Of course they said YES!!!  My peeps let Elsa go first to set the pace.  Every so often Elsa would look back to ask Mom is she was going to keep climbing.  Mom told Elsa absolutely they would go as far she wanted to go.  There were landings after each set of steps, there were lots of folks climbing too so they didn't go very fast but they kept a steady pace.  In no, time Elsa, Mom and Dad were at the tippy top of Cape Hatteras 208'!!  
 MY PEEPS were in awe of Elsa!!
Mom said Elsa let me take a photo of you to prove you were here.  After the got home,mom sent this photo to Elsa.  Not only is Elsa in excellent physical shape, she teaches stain glass art, she designs stain glass for homes and business and often helps with installation of her creations. 

I'm sorry I don't have a photo of Jerry, except from the top of the Lighthouse looking down...where he sat patiently waiting for his beautiful bride to return!!

Jerry was the life of the tour.  My peeps sat with Jerry and Elsa
at several meals.  Jerry kept everyone stitches...
he had the most beautiful smile and you could tell he 
enjoyed every beautiful moment of his life.  
Jerry was a WWII veteran he flew......P47 Thunderbolts 
in England. He was an escort to bombers.
It was one of the most dangerous jobs of a pilot. 

He was from a large family.  All of the boys in the family were all
in World War II, they all left home on the same day.  He
said they all were proud to serve their country. Thankfully
Jerry and his brothers all returned home after the war.
Jerry told us the most beautiful story.  After a few years of being home, he told his parents he was ready to get married.
His mom went in to her bedroom, opened her dresser drawer.
Jerry saw 4 envelopes labeled with the name of each of her sons. When Jerry opened the envelope, it was full of money.
The entire time he and his brothers were in the War they sent whatever pay they rec'd to their mom.  She saved every cent.
She told Jerry that money was for him to start off his life as a married man.  Needless to say Jerry was successful.

I hope they are well and enjoying life.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Favorite photo #10

Taken from the deck of our ship Dawn Princess, looking over at a Norwegian Cruise ship
docked in Ketchikan, Alaska, May 26, 2005.
That is a real boat not a toy there in the middle.  
As huge as the cruise ships are the majestic mountains make everything 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Crystal Coast

Is another name for Atlantic Beach, NC.
I've been going to this beautiful coast line since I was a preteen.
My Daddy had many hobbies one of them was fishing.  
 He would not have wanted his fishing, hunting,golfing buddies to know this but 
he also had a keen eye for interior decorating. 
My parents first had a trailer at Triple S trailer park..but they weren't just trailers
Daddy turned them into amazing weekend retreats.  I don't have pictures but 
in my mind's eye I can clearly see each one.  I particularly remember the last trailer.  
It had a huge deck ground level then stairs leading up to a deck he built over the trailer.
When you were on the top deck you could see the Crystal Coast in all directions and

This was back in the 60' and 70's no condos or high rises on the Crystal Coast.  
In the late 70's condos started sprouting out of the sand.  My parents bought one.
We started taking our daughter there when she was a toddler.  Below is a story about
our first week's vacation in their condo. Milky-way was our first cat. The first two 
pictures are from that trip 
The pictures in between are more current pictures of our beautiful coast.

The Calm before the storm....Milky-Way 

The above pictures were taken of Milky-Way (MW) during his first and only vacation.
He was approximately 1 year old....we headed down to the Crystal Coast of NC
(aka Atlantic Beach) for a week's vacation at my parent's condo.
Toto (our first family pet, mini Doxie) spent many, many days at Atlantic Beach with us, but this was our first road trip with a kitty in tow. We quickly learned that mighty mini Doxies are better travelers. Fast forward we arrived, unpacked and as you can see MW adjusted beautifully.
On our second day at the beach we packed up to head down to the pool for some fun and sun.

On our second day at the beach we packed up to head down to the pool for some fun and sun. MW was sleeping peacefully in this chair. About 1/2 hour into our pool visit the fire alarms at the condo started blaring scaring everyone to death. The hubby, daughter and I took off for the condo to get MW. When we got to the steps there were folks posted saying we could not go up until the source of the alarm was found. MW's human sis was 15, she SCREAMED TO THE TOP OF her lungs, MY CAT IS UP there alone. She was and still is a FEARLESS protector of her pets. Before anyone knew it, she was flying up those stairs 3 at a time, then her Dad was flying up the stairs after her. This all happened in about 15 seconds. By the time they got there the alarm had been turned off, some ill behaved children thought it would be fun to pull it. When we entered the condo we found MW ok but very scared. In about 2 minutes he had remodeled all the blinds. Every blind in the condo had been bent every which way. He was definitely trying to get out of there. After this experience, we had a really hard time leaving him alone for too long for the remainder of the trip. Very scary.

The love of a human for his/her pet is monumental!!!

I can still see this entire event in My Mind's Eye and almost feel my heart beating as quickly as it was on that day.  My daughter and son in law are fortunate to live along the beautiful Crystal Coast of NC. Never in her wildest dreams way back then did she expect to be living in this beautiful

Monday, May 7, 2018

Do you ever do crazy things?

I have no pictures of the actual event but I will try to 
write so that your Mind's Eye can see it clearly and there will be a re-enactment at the end.

My morning routine is as follows:
1. arise
2. feed Madi (before I feed the humans)
3. Wash my hair and my face
4. put in my contacts
5. put mousse on my hair
6. wash mousse off hands
7. moisturize with Aveeno 
8. wash my hands 
9. dry my hair
10. get dressed
11. put on my make up
THIS IS always the order of things....

Below is a photo of  to give your mind's eye picture of where said products are located.

Recently 1-4 were done in order (mind you I had my contacts in)
Then there was a disconnect in my brain or a blown circuit.
I took the top off the mousse and proceeded to rub it all over my face!!!
The good news is if I had to do tasks out of order, at least I didn't rub Aveeno Moisturizer in my hair!!!

In all fairness I must say I was talking to Dad of Madi at the
same time.

Thankfully there was no flashy beast close by but rest assured there was lots of laughter.
Below is a re-enactment of how I looked and what I said and what was going through my head.

Thursday, May 3, 2018


It was kinda aggravating to find potting soil all over the deck and the
petunias BE-headed

She was a young mom with extra mouths to feed

She raised her family under our deck we named her

Shadows and Shades

Photos taken in our back yard.   I've never really been a 'green' girl.  I like green fine; however, I tend to gravitate to...