Thursday, January 4, 2018

What I said what he heard

In My Mind's Eye.....
I will never forget all the wonderful memories and students I met while working at N C State University for 25 years.
In 1969 my the first department I worked in was Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.
There was a delightful young man from India.  His name was Jeelani.
What a true joy and pleasure it was to know him.  Each morning he would come by to say hello and we'd talk.  He had a beautiful British accent which I loved hearing and he liked my Southern accent.  He, like all the international students I met over the years, was eager to learn all the things about North Carolina that he could.
Here is a cliff note version of our conversation...and yes remember it all these years later.  It was most memorable:

Jeelani: Could you please recommend an extra curricular activity that is 100% all about North Carolina. 
Me: Absolutely there is a Shagging class starting next week at the Student Union, 
Jeelani: (with a most confused and horrified look on his face) they have Shagging classes on campus
Me: Yes but you will need a partner
Jeelani: A partner??? are you serious?
Me:  Finally I took notice of the horrified look on his face and said oh if you don't have a partner or if you don't like to dance, we can find something else for you to do.
Jeelani: All of a sudden a look of calm and peace came over his face...Shagging means Dancing here?
Me: Yes what does it mean where you come from? 
Jeelani: Well I don't mean to talk about this in mixed company but Shagging  is a slang for an intimate relationship between a man and a woman.
Me: Now I'm the one with the horrified look on my face.  This was the first time in all my 21 year I ever knew there was another definition for Shagging.

Jeelani spoke the Queen's English....I spoke Southern English similar but totally different.
I can truly say over the years I learned more from all the wonderful students than they ever learned from me.

Now for your viewing pleasure here is a short video of a shagging demonstration by 
Champion Shaggers

The below video is of the singing group Alabama, lead by Randy Owens singing 
Alabama's signature song.

Here are a few verses of the song.  All of the places/ bands mentioned in the song were real.
Myrtle Beach was the spot to be in the 1960s!!

Well the Magic Attic's where the music rolls
And the Army-Navy's got ol Jackie Soul
Down on Peaches Corner there are Good Ol'Boys
and Mother Fletcher's makin' lots of noise 
They're dancin' shaggin' on the boulevard
Well the Tams are playin at the Port-o-Call
And the Drifters underneath the Boardwalk
At the Spanish Galleon and Ol' Fat Jacks
Jukebox playin' and the place is packed
You bet they're dancin' shaggin' on the boulevard

Got the top down and the traffic's slow
Sun fun week and we all go
Where the girls are sunnin' and a lookin' good
I never met them but I wish I could
The Embers singin' up on Ocean Drive
And the Castaways are getting loud tonight
At the Electric Circus they all gettin' down
And the Carousels spinnin' 'round and round
See them dancin' Shaggin' on the boulevard...


  1. LOL! I understood your student's dilemma right away! Guess that's because I've studied British History, and know a little bit about their idioms and nicknames for things. Here's an "it doesn't translate well" story for you, regarding The King's English: my bro-in-law's name is Randall John, and he goes by Randy here in the States. In England, to call someone 'randy' is...well, it means a person who 'gets around'. While traveling in England, all of his friends had to call him John instead of Randy, just because the locals had a fit! LOL!

  2. That is funny! I could see it coming and it was still FUNNY! That couple can do some shagging! I like these two videeohs for my wine time. Love Randy singin' Shaggin' on the Boulevard! You were lucky to have those great memories when you worked at NC State U! Thanks for the fun wine time tunes... ;)

  3. Hari OM
    LOL... I would never have guessed the name of such a dance - and it has styllllleeee!!! YAM xx

  4. We caught on to that miscommunication right off the bat! So funny that words are so different when we are all generally speaking the same language!!


  5. I too knew what was happening with that conversation - and remember the dance AND the "alternative" meaning of the word!! Too funny.......

    Hugs, Pam

  6. How funny! I didn't know what shagging was either - either one of them. LOL
    What an energetic dance!

  7. i am with the student, i knew immediately what shagging was, and i am not british. i have never seen or heard of the dance shagging, and have not heard Alabama song. Bob has not either. he is from PA and Me from Georgia.. he did not know the meaning of shagging, either one of these. i might have know what it means because i read so much.. love the story. the one thing i do miss from work is the young people that i could learn so much from and interact with. i kept up with what was new in the world, what toys, what slang because i spent 10 hours a day with them. now i am only with OTHER old people

  8. LMOA. Didn't know shagging was dancing. Perhaps because Canadian is more British😜

  9. Austin Powers taught me there was another meaning of Shag besides carpet LOL! I never know there was a Shagging dance..WOW, what a fun dance to watch too!

  10. That’s a funny story. That dude is getting down dancing. The hubby and I have a favorite line dance to that song


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