Monday, November 6, 2017

"Shell" we talk collectively

I am a collector of special things but not a hoarder of anything. 
 I don't shop at antique malls. I collect things that have special meanings. 
 I know my limits and my storage capacity.  

One of my favorite things to do at the beach is look for sea shells or sea rocks.

The size of these tiny perfectly shaped miniatures are treasures.  With all the recent
hurricanes and beach erosion I expect these are no longer available.
I did a wee bit of research on miniature shells here
They are used in crafting.  I expect those are ones that were made by man
These were found by my hands on the beach and have been cared for with TLC

Here is a photo of the cases closed and sealed.  The top of each case has a magnifying glass.

My most prized finds on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina are by these
four sand dollars and a sea sponge

The proper name for this little duckie is a cut glass salt cellar.

I have always just adored it.  I have no idea how old it is.  I
know my sweet Mother-in-law Margie loved it.  She loved all types of cut glass
I'll be showing you a few of her pieces today.

Click here to see more of these adorable little salt cellars in all colors and
all kinds of critters

Below are a few more pieces of treasures I have that belonged to Margie, my mother-in-law.
She was a wonderful cook and set a beautiful table.

Her deviled eggs and chicken salad were the BEST EVER!!
Franciscan Desert Rose Platter

I also have her Franciscan Desert Rose  heart shaped dish.
I use both of these dishes often.

In My Mind's Eye I can still see her food in each of these special pieces. 

Are you a collector? If so, what do you collect and why?


  1. We have a few shelves full of dinnerware and barware left over from my husband's parents; olive trays, shrimp cocktail bowls, and martini shakers. I have shoe boxes of rocks and beach things that I've picked up over the years on vacation; hope to make some sort of garden thing with them someday!

  2. Hari OM
    Oh yes, if money and space were no object I could collect lots! I too am fond of glassware and those willow-pattern plates are gorgeous. I have a fondness for jugs and have to fight the urge not to collect one (or more) when trawling the op-shops and used barns... I do collect shells and pebbles - plenty of them round here, though I envy you the sand dollars! YAM xx

  3. Mostly I collect yarn and fabric. LOL! I do have a collection of Portmeirion Birds of Britain dishes. When I first started my collection they were still being produced but went out of production a few years after I started. I bought a lot of serving and other pieces through eBay and mostly from England (where they were made). I'm glad I have as full a set as I do since the prices are much higher now.

  4. Those seashells cases and shells are just beautiful as are all your other shells. I seem to remember very pretty shells I would find as a child at the beaches along Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Any time I searched as an adult, all I could find was broken ones. That pretty plate with the pink flowers was very familiar to me. My Aunt Rose had the whole set, I believe it is the Franciscan Desert Rose. I wish I had it now.

    I collect spoons from each state and around the world. Actually it was my mother's collection originally that I have tried to continue. I also have some lovely Hummels and a lot of Belleek china. A collection of dolls of the world. And others. I often think what will happen to all my treasures that I am not sure the younger generation has the same interest in:(

    Lovely post.

  5. I really enjoyed seeing all your trinkets today, HiC!

    I have a similar collection of dishes my mother gave to me made up of different pieces handed down from both sides of the family.

  6. love all the dishes that hold such special memories. I have a curio cabinet filled with - surprise, surprise - pug figurines. I also have pug plates, and stuffed animal pugs. And then there is the Garfield room from when I used to collect Garfield the cat stuff

  7. Love your "special things".....I used to collect pig figurines so I have quite a few of those in a little display cabinet....I also LOVE old glass serving pieces and have a few that belonged to my Great Great Grandmother. My favorite thing these days is to collect quilts - my sister is an amazing quilter and I have a house FULL of her quilts. My FAVORITE quilt though is the quilt given to my Mom as a wedding gift in 1946.

    Hugs, Pam

  8. Wonderful, wonderful treasures! I love those pieces that you look at and just smile because they bring back happy memories.

  9. What wonderful and such special treasures and memories that last forever!

  10. What? No cat's paws shells... we have several cat's paws shells that we found in Venice. I have four on the arm of the couch where Z always sat and looked out on the Tiny Ten. Love the divided section dishes. The salt container IS adorable... :) I think it is really special that in your Mind's Eye you can still see how these treasures were used! I am still using my Mom's red bowl for cranberry sauce... it has to be older than me and that is old as you know! I don't collect anything now but used to collect teddy bears, lighthouses, and Hallmark ornaments... and wine!

  11. my mother was a collector, she had some of these dishes here and hundreds of shells. like yours they were in containers all over the house. she picked them up all of her life, here in FL and in GA ... the only thing here I would want to collect is 4 of the bottles you picture here. you know I love bottles. empty bottles. cute shaped bottles. the only other thing I collect is white lights to make the glass sparkle in the nook full of glass animals.

  12. C;

    I collect shells too, well, I should say when friends get to the beach they collect for me as I seldom vacation shell that I prized is a sand dollar that had a barnacle attached for the longest; then I moved and so did the barnacle...sadly; not sure when or where it fell off .....♥♥♥


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