Sunday, November 26, 2017

Ghost of Christmases Past or Not

We are the first and only family to live in our house.
We moved here just a few months shy of our daughter's 12th birthday.
No one else except the 3 of us have ever lived here,  or HAVE THEY?

However, for at least the last 15 or 20 years  we have been receiving
mail for two people
Milton Bedford and Barbara Upchurch 
Upchurch is our last name but we have no relatives named Barbara
(THIS IS 100% true).

The day we moved in it was was hotter than blue blazes.
By the time the movers left we were starving and about to grill some hot dogs when the skies opened it was raining sideways.  Plan B was to cook inside, once I found some cookware. I was ready to fix a quick meal on our new stove but it had no power.  When my husband pulled it away from the wall,
we saw it had not *'piggy tail', back in the 80's this was the long cord that attached the short stove cord then wall outlet.  We never had this issue with our first house.
Thank goodness for peanut butter.
When we turned on the a/c, there was no *cool air...just hot.  We quickly put linens on our beds falling in them near exhaustion.
In the wee hours of the morning, I was awaken by the sharp little fingers of my daughter poking me in the arm and quietly saying, Mommy, mommy wake up, wake up. With one eye opened, I replied what ever is the matter. She replied, my sheets and my blanket  and my pillow are not on my bed.
Now both of my eyes are open.  I told her she probably just kicked them off and could not find them.
So upstairs we go. When I turned on her light she really and truly had no linens or a blanket and her pillow was missing too.
I put my finger to my mouth, saying shhh we need to go get Daddy.  I grabbed her hand we took the steps 2 at a time. By now Toto the mighty mini Dachshund is also awake and happy as
a lark because he is sure he is going to be fed.
Then we both are poking Daddy in the arm (he was fast a sleep).  When we told him he immediately jumped out of the bed.  He said how can that be we made up both beds.
The 3 of us and the mighty Toto all head into the den.  Daddy turns on the light and
lo and behold all of my daughter's bedding is piled in a heap on the couch.
WE all exchanged looks of confusion....WHAT IN THE WORLD was going on,
how did the bedding get downstairs on the couch.  To be quite honest I was sure someone or something was in the house. My practical hubby was pretty that was not the case.
IN all her 11 1/2 years our daughter had never sleep walked. However, sleep walking was the only
answer.  She must have been so very tired, maybe dreaming about making the bed or who knows what and just got up and took all the bedding off.  The puzzling thing though was how in the
world did she make it down the stairs with all that bedding in her arms.  She was quite petite and only 5'2" today.  Did it take more than one trip or did she have help? LOL
From that day forward, she never did anything unusual in her sleep or awake.

In My Mind's Eye I have wondered about Milton and Barbara.  None of the mail we receive for either is bills or personal mail.  Many many times I have written on the envelopes "Addressee not at this address. return to sender".  The envelope  makes its way back to us. Once I asked our mailman what to do?  He said,  if we return it to sender and it comes back to just discard.  Are they real people, how did their names get linked to our address?  What do they look like, are they gainfully employed or are they the unnamed friendly spirits from the 1980's?
This neighborhood was farming land before it was developed.  Even if here were homes here before our neighborhood was developed,  the street name and address of our house was not the original name.  It was a rural road not even in the city.
Today, November 26, 2017,  29 days before Christmas 2017,
I am putting this story to rest.  I declare
Milton and Barbara are friendly elves.
Maybe that night the bedding disappeared they were testing our sense of humor.

INTRODUCING Barbara and Milton our resident Ghostly elves!!

*Ironically the house passed inspection before we moved.
 However, just days before closing the realtor said he would  buy a mirror for the  half bath because w/o a mirror in there it would not pass inspection.  So NO mirror in the 1/2 bath would put the brakes on our move but evidently no power to the stove a malfunctioning a/c would not?
An urgent call to the builder the next day solved both of these issues.


  1. Hari OM
    good grief, you oughtta have told us this one on Halloween!!! I too get strangers turning up in my mail. It is a known phenomena here for folk who falsely take out credit...I do the RTS thing too. Nothing has ever come back. YAM xx

  2. evidently the inspector did not check the ac or the stove... figured it was new and it was there so it worked. I remember the first range we bought was delived with out the pigtail. they said you have to order it when you order the range. What it comes with no power cord? why didn't the sales person tell me. this is a really cool story and I enjoyed it. we get lots of mail to people with our address but many have lived here. does the mail come to both of them together? or is it two separate people that get mail. people sometimes use an address they pick to write on a form because they don't want to give theirs. but if it is two separate not much chance of that being the reason. something to ponder for sure.

  3. Oh crap, I typed a LONG comment and Bob took the internet down and it was lost. Grrrr! Anyway, I am not surprised that you were linked with someone with the same last name. When I worked insurance claims I had access to all sorts of fun databases for locating people who often did not want to be located. And people get associated with other people on the weakest links and then someone comes along and adds to it. We moved into our house (first and only people) and soon received mail for my ex and B-dawg's ex's replacement husband.

    Now on that bedding I have no clue!!


  4. That's pretty funny and strange that your imaginary elves have the same last name as you! Did you ever read the Dr. Seuss book "Horton Hears a Who". Maybe Milton and Barbara are tiny little people like in that book that live right under your noses.

    Madeline slept walk a few times. One time she just slept walked into our bedroom and turned on our light and then went back to bed!

  5. Wow...It must have been pretty spooky, especially for your daughter, waking up with no bedding!!

  6. Whoa! Quite an interesting first night in your new house. I am thinking your daughter was sleepwalking. I did some sleepwalking for a bit and it drove my parents nuts. It is amazing what you can do when you sleepwalk. Funny about Milton and Barbara... good to decide that they are friendly elves!

  7. Very strange indeed. Weird about the mail. After the hubby and I got married, I would get mail addressed to his ex at my P.O. Box and our house. I assure that woman never lived at our house, since this was my property before I married him.

    Needless to say it urped me to no ends. Bill collectors would call me trying to find my ex. I would holler at them and said he's an ex for a reason. Tell them not to call back and hang up on them.

    I'm glad the builder took care of all the problems were fast.

  8. I definitely think Milton and Barbara were/are friendly - otherwise they'd be wreaking havoc to this very day! I think your daughter was sleepwalking that night - she could have dragged her covers behind her and carried her pillow down those stairs but it's amazing she didn't fall anyway. Maybe Barbara and Milton helped her?????? Cute story though....even if it is just a TAD Spooky!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  9. Funny how the mail stuff happens. We bought our property from a man with the last name of Dekay. There was nothing here but garbage and sage brush. We sometimes get mail for Dekay Burrup.
    Hazel & Mabel


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