Sunday, October 22, 2017


We all have them................
As a child I was always told don't tell anyone about your dreams until after breakfast....
or they are more than likely to come true.  I have always been  a very vivid dreamer. 
If I am to be truthful, often things I dream about to come to life in some shape or form.

Today you will learn several things about me:
First and foremost you will understand why this blog is called
My Mind's mind does have an eye like no one else.

1.I am NOT artistic AT ALL 
2. I have very life like dreams, my family and friends often say 
if you dream about me keep it to yourself. Which I normally do
but sometimes dreams are just too funny and must be shared.
3. I dream in color 
4. Most of all I love to poke fun at myself, laughter is the best medicine

Last night I had the most hilarious dream I have ever had.
I wish you could have heard my dear sweet hubby LOL at my dream and then my drawing.
He can actually draw but since it was my dream and it was funny I decided to draw.
My dear friend of 56 years was the subject of my dream.
After breakfast this morning,  I sent her to tell her I had a hilarious dream about her
and to check her email for the dream description and a crude drawing.

The Dream as I remember which I did not tell my husband until after breakfast.

I was at her home when she came walking into the kitchen.
She was wearing a shoulder harness which had compartments that held
nearly every cleaning tool or detergent you can imagine.  However,
I saw a few very vividly and in color.  I have no idea why anyone would have 
Q-tips (which I saw in color),  as part of a cleaning harness.  
I saw a mop, a broom, and on one side was a very long
compartment that held furnace filters.  I could see the filter sizes written vertically on
the edge of the filters but could not make them out.
The odd thing about her kitchen was her fridge was missing.  Maybe she stores this shoulder harness where the fridge use to be...who knows.

Below you will find a very very crude drawing of the dream (furnace is misspelled but
I wasn't going to draw this again)! 

I'm sure a mental health professional would have a ball analyzing this dream.
If you are one please take a stab at it but in the meantime this is my analysis.

I thought about this dream for a long time and the meaning.
Here are my thoughts:

1. Cleaning Harness:
We visit them every summer and refer to there home as a Bed and Breakfast
Maybe in my mind's eye this is how I see her as she prepares her spotless home for our 
annual arrival.
2.  Q-tips:  
The stray cat they rescued 2 years ago, Charlie, recently had an ear infection.  
They were having to administer ear drops.

3. Missing Fridge
Recently they replaced their original fridge with a huge new fridge.

4.  Furnace Filters:
Last week I had an email from her saying she hoped the temps didn't drop too quickly.
Their furnace always made more dust in the house than the a/c and she wanted to
have the vents cleaned before they turned on the heat

The question now is why did all these individual events come up in one dream?

Do you dream vividly, do you dream in color,  do you have an superstitions about telling or not telling dreams....


  1. Hari OM
    Dreams are the processing of stuff which we don't need to clutter our waking mind - which is why it can seem so confused and busy in there! I think you have broken it down pretty well; the mind cannot conjure anything that it has not witnessed or experienced (in this life or any previous one). As to 'coming true', this is more about being so alert to prevailing conditions that it is possible to anticipate certain likely outcomes. It is what is called in the waking state as 'sixth sense'. Most of us are not quite at the attunement in our waking state, but the guards are down when we are in dream state and this when such prescience can occur. That said, it is important not to 'read' stuff into what is simply a recycling and dumping process. And again... some of the very best novels began as dreams!!! YAM xx

  2. I dream exactly like you do, vivid color and as soon as I wake up I tell the whole thing to Bob and that is always befoe breakfast. I don't think dreams predict, I think our brains take little things and make them into stories like yours, I can most of the time pick mine apart and tell where it came from. I like what Hari said, agree with that. although the one that I never forgot, had a Santa in our pool with beers on his belly and Bob in the sliding glass door with a gun aimed at him. I think I did a post about it.... never did figure that out. we don't drink beer so no idea where it came from. it was a very scary dream. I do have some wall paloozers scary dreams. sometimes just crazy but I never have good dreams. I am usually lost, can't dial a phone, can yell for help, that king of thing or looking for a potty. I just stopped and found the santa dream

  3. Mom says she dreams a lot like you do. She thinks her dreams are in color, but she will have to check next time she dreams:) She can usually relate some elements of her dreams to something in her life. Now our Dad has bizarre dreams. He is often chasing someone or trying to get away from someone and his legs keep moving and moving and wake up Mom. Or he is trying to put the brakes on to avoid a big crash and ends up with a big cramp in his foot. The best part is he remembers every detail of his dreams and is more than excited to share every last detail with Mom in the morning:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. That is funny! I also have very wild and vivid dreams! I think when someone is retired or for whatever reason doesn't have to answer the call of an alarm clock that we spend more time in the dream cycle. The past 2 nights I've had long and tedious dreams (lots of detail). Long story short, the first dream was about some fleas that caused me a terrible skin condition where my skin bubbled up like bubble wrap. The fleas came from an email that I opened. Then last night it was sort of a "where's-my-locker" kind of dream but instead it was an apartment I rented and ultimately a house being purchased. If I don't talk about the dreams right away I forget them so I think you should always share them before breakfast!


  5. Vivid, in colour dreams and nightmares. I have seen myself die in dreams.

    Your dream cracked me up!

  6. I also have vivid dreams that can be pretty out there. I don't remember my dreams often...but when I do, I remember them for days. Your dream was so very you!!

  7. How funny and you remembered it so vividly that you could draw a picture! I rarely remember my dreams. It's an event when I do.

  8. What a dream! And you figured out where it came from too which I know I always try to do when I remember a dream. I rarely remember them - many of them wake me up in the middle of the night too and are often those "can't find my school room/what bus do I take/what's my locker combination" kinds of dreams which I think relate to a fear of forgetting stuff. Our minds are amazing. I have always thought that dreams are the way our minds cope with "clearing out the cobwebs" of past, present and sometimes future thoughts. So CLEANING supplies just might be needed! Where can I get one of those harnesses???????????? Amazon????????

    Love, Pam

  9. Cecilia, that is an interesting dream. I think too that the interesting question is how all the things related to her came up in one dream. Her conversations about the four things you mentioned must have stayed with you! You must have just stayed with the flow of your conversations with her. I am getting a kick out of your art work... :) I usually don't remember my dreams. I don't recall dreaming in color. I sometimes wake up in the morning with the feeling I had a dream and it feels like a little black cloud... I hurry up and click on my computer and read blogs or watch kitties on rescue TV. The dreams I remember are repetitive dreams about missing a class all semester in college, not being able to find a class in college, my Mom needing me but I can't get there. I have had a dream the last couple of years where somebody is coming up the basement stairs and I try to yell for help but I can't get the "help" out. Then I do yell out loud and and scare myself awake! No superstitions about telling my dreams. I always tell CH if it is a spooky/weird dream. He has weird dreams too. I have a thing about furnace filters so I would not be surprised if I would dream about them... I like a clean furnace filter and change it every month. I am a quirky strange person... lol. Good Morning!

  10. madi.....pleez ta chex yur grazz N nip stash....we think momz been in it !!!!! ♥♥

  11. Dream...until your dreams come true!
    Well, only if they are good dreams...


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