Friday, September 15, 2017

I'm on my soap box...

In October of 2015, we decided we didn't want to be slaves to yard work any more because
neither one of us are spring chicks and we wanted to add some curb appeal.
We called Lawn Detailing and Landscaping for a quote and some ideas.  The owner was a very nice and knowledgeable young man.  We loved his enthusiasm. Below is a photo of the wall in progress 

And the completed wall around our front natural area.  This was no easy task.  It took lots of man hours from Adams very competent crew.

 He also planted daffodils, azaleas and 3 crepe myrtle tress in 2015. Nothing was in bloom at the time, so here is an enhancement.  We have been extremely pleased with this wall.  We have had many folks stop to ask for the contact information of Lawn Detailing.

All of the above is the back forward to August 28, 2017, the first day of 
schools in our city.  The elementary school bus stop has been on our corner for many, many years.  In our city parents or teenage siblings of elementary children (I think under grade 4), must be at the bus with their children in the morning. In the afternoon, the  bus driver will not let the children off the bus if there is not an older sibling or parent waiting.   There are about 6 school age children who catch the bus here.  

Pardon me while I step up on my gigantic SOAP BOX!!

In the afternoon, all the moms and all their underage school children come to our corner at ~4:15 to wait for the school bus.  There are 4 moms who stand around gabbing while their children run all around our yard.  The kids walk all around on the decorative wall, and run in the natural area.  The moms do nothing. For some reason, this year one of the moms has decided the wall is a bench for her to sit on while her 2 children run around our yard and all over the wall.  She is either talking to the moms or on her phone. Last week I came home from an errand to find the older brother of one families sitting on the wall.  I pulled up next to him, politely said 'please don't sit on the wall', he looked at me like I had 3 eyes.  I said again, 'do not sit on there it is not a bench', he did not move.  Finally, I said, 'this is my house, that is my wall, and I do not want you sitting there'.  He just looked at me.  When I backed up to turn in to my driveway, he finally stood up.  Next time I saw him he was with his mother standing on the other side of the street.
  What is wrong with people? Do they no longer respect private property?  
Needless to say we cannot stand out in the yard every day to tell teenagers or adults who should know better not to to sit or stand on the wall.  I wanted to buy an indiscreet sign to put in there area.
All I can find already made said no trespassing, no parking, etc. Neither said exactly what needed to be said.  I found a place online, ordered a two sided garden flag.....placed it here where they like sit.
The street sign area is where the moms gather...and by they way they have worn down our grass there too.

We both feel bad  that we have had to resort to this but sometimes you just have to 
stand your ground and 
wave your 
It is really a shame that any property owner has to remind folks to respect their property 
We should not feel guilty for putting the sign in the yard but we do.  Why should we have
 to teach manners and respect of property to adults?  Clearly they don't have boundaries and are not teaching their children to respect others property.  


  1. I hear you talking! It seems like there are a lot of younger parents who don't realize their children are not enjoyed by everyone. Some seem to be oblivious to the fact their kids need to learn how to coexist in a world that does not desire to coddle them. Bottom line is they need to learn and then teach their children public manners. Don't feel bad about your flag!


  2. It's like you offered someone a drink of water, and they raided your fridge! I am sorry that you are having to protect your property...and it's a cute sign!...I'm on your side. Soapbox away, girlfriend!

  3. I don't blame you. If they get hurt who's door are they going to knock on. If they knock something lose, who is going to fix it.

    When I bought the property, 2 teens on 4 wheelers, barreled straight from the road thru what is now our pasture and went down the bank into the creek. Didn't wave, slow down and ask if it was okay or any thing.

    Shortly after that, there was a fenced in pasture so I didn't have to worry about that happening again.

    Seriously, look at the news....people have no respect for anybody any more.

  4. I had a neighbor tell me that I should replace my retaining wall (on my property) because they were afraid their daughter would get hurt while walking on it. They didn't like it when I told them to keep her off.

  5. Hari OM
    I immediately think... time for a picket fence and maybe some subtle barbed wire... but that would be mean. Right? YAM xx

  6. Peeps need to show respect for other's property. We see signs in our neighborhood all the time telling us not to walk on their grass and to please pick up after your dog - and we listen!

  7. We are so with you on this one. A big pet peeve with me. To let the kids run around like that on your property is so irresponsible of the parents. We have some neighbors that think our driveway is their personal walkway because they don't want to go around on their walks. The other day Mabel was all freaked out - there they were - mom, dad, child and off leash dog strolling down our drive. husband had a talk with them.

  8. We are right there with you. The children wouldn't be doing that if the parents paid more attention to teaching them the meaning of the word respect. It is so prevalent throughout society today - no respect for authority, private property, elders, etc. If it continues, we suggest you call the school system and bring it to their attention.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber who aren't allowed to climb or sit on walls or ruin others' lawns.

  9. I feel ya HiC. The bus stop here is right in front of our house for both elementary AND middle school....We have had a few vandalism issues on our fence(oh yes, we have a little white fence) and even a place that was punched out of it....So sad how little respect people, young and old, have for other people's property these days...

  10. YES!! You are right to be on the soap box because we see things like this all the time and wonder "WHATEVER HAPPENED TO RESPECTING OTHERS' PROPERTY???". It's kind of like the problem of people with dogs letting their dogs poop on your front lawn and NOT removing it like they should....politeness and sensibility seem to be "things of the past" sometimes. I don't get it. I think your flag is brilliant and I do hope it works. You spent a lot of money making your yard and gardens beautiful and the intention was not to give Moms and kids a new PLAYGROUND area to pass the time while waiting for the bus! LOL

    Love, Pam (getting off her soap box now......!)

  11. On your side. I don't know what has happened to the act of respecting other people... their rights, feelings, property, their right to peace and quiet during hours of sleep at night. We have had a few issues with neighbors. We have tried to be nice and they look at you like you have lost your mind and somehow we manage to be the ones that were wrong. What is really sad is that the parents are without a clue. How can the kids even learn how to respect other people's property if the parents aren't capable of the common sense to set the right example?

  12. you shouldn't feel guilty at all! I swear I just don't understand people. You are right, people have no respect for private property AT ALL nowadays. I remember when I was young my parents would lose their minds if kids were on our grass and they made it a point to tell us to use the sidewalk and never cut across people's yards!

  13. Another supporter here. It's sad nowadays how certain things- common courtesy, respect for the property and privacy of others, basic decency- all things that used to be commonplace have gone by the wayside. I used to own a house surrounded by woods, and someone kept leaving trash along one boundary so I put up a few "No Trespassing" signs. Almost weekly I had to go out and re-hang the signs that some idiot kept ripping down and tossing on the ground. Don't even get me going on picking up their trash...

  14. It is definitely your right to not have anyone running around on your property. At least you said "please" on your sign. It's things like this that is part of the reason we live on 5 acres and are surrounded by woods. It's been a rare occasion that we've had to ask people (adults and children) to leave our property.


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