Tuesday, September 5, 2017


In January of this year, I received an invitation to my 50th High School Class Reunion.

I attended William  G. Enloe from the second half of seventh grade all the way through to graduation.
Enloe was one of the first schools built in the suburbs of our city.  It served as  a junior and senior high school.The class of 1967 was small ~265 students and most of us had known each other for half our lives. It was a new school that opened in January of 1962.
I absolutely loved every minute of high school, our colors were green and gold.
Our mascot was an Eagle, the football field was called the Eagle's Nest.
Our fight song started out
Cheer for the green and gold,
Cheer loud and long for Enloe
Cheer, Cheer for Enloe High.....

As I read the back of the card, (which is in the tiniest font I have ever had the (dis) pleasure of trying to read), I thought about all the things that have happened in 50 years.
The big thing being computers and the techie world.  Our 50th reunion has
gone techie for sure.  One of my classmates set up an entire website with all the
senior class members.  We were invited to log on quickly and catch up with everyone either via the open website or private email. I must say this site works like a well oiled machine.  Since I signed up
I have connected with so many classmates and learned about the amazing things they have done with their lives.  We have doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, authors, bankers, pastors,
social workers, artists...a lot of them, and all around good citizens of the world, at least one
Animal Blogger...Me!!
Yay classmates. On Saturday night 9/30/17 there will be a slide show presentation of all the photos submitted by classmates. Of course the invitation made me think of many things that happened..significant and not so significant..during high school.

Seventh Grade
 2nd semester
My thirteenth birthday was the week classes started at the brand new school
The remainder of the year was spent learning my way around the huge school
 and meeting some new friends.
Eighth Grade
seemed to revolved around Algebra
Ninth Grade
Oh was that a fun an exciting year.  Corning Glass out of Corning, NY
opened a plant in Raleigh. We had an influx of new students from the North.
 No one understood what anyone was saying. Lots of what did she/he say to each other.
I'm so happy to say back in the 60's there was no peer pressure.  We all found new things
we liked about each other and were all willing to accept each other as  we were.
The newbies and the oldies at Enloe all taught each other so much.
They were such fun and so eager to try new things and share with us things the knew.
I met the teacher who would greatly influence my life, Miss Kilby.
President Kennedy was assassinated  in November.  I will never forget I was sitting in
Civics Class when the announcement came over the loud speaker.
Mrs. Seaboard, a substitute natural science  teacher, had a nervous breakdown in class one day.
There were signs, she told us she heard voices and 'they' were coming to get her.
 We told the other teachers and finally they took notice but not before she locked the door.  She  would not let us leave when the bell rang.  She was sitting at her desk cutting up an apple with a knife.  Told us not to move. There was a shared door between her room and the room where the football coach taught history.  He noticed a problem.  Authorities were called.  The coach opened the shared door motioning slowly for us to get up one at a time and come to him.

Tenth Grade
Biology and dissecting...not my cup of tea. I thought the teacher was picking on me.
She continued to call on me when my hand WAS NOT raised.
Turns out she liked me and was trying to get me to speak up more in class.  I think she lived to
regret this effort to bring me out of my shell.  I never shut up after that.

Eleventh Grade
We had a very popular, handsome and well known student teacher in Anatomy, Roman Gabriel.
He was a star quarterback at NC State University.
He wasn't much older than his students.
If there had been computer registrations back then, the requests from girls to take his Anatomy class would have crashed a computer system.

Senior YEAR
I was very excited to be elected as a Senior Class Marshall

I thought 7-11th grades were good but my senior year was the BEST.
I had wonderful teachers, great classes and lots of fun too.
One thing that stands out was a work day we had for a senior project. WE had to
be there very early before breakfast.  Food was promised.  I don't know who brought it but it was day old donuts and hot mountain dew. N A S T Y!! But we had fun.
I rec'd my graduation present on my 18th birthday.
It was a baby blue 1967 Mustang with a navy blue vinyl top, bucket seats.
I was on the prom committee. Our Senior adviser, was Miss Kilby.
She had the best ideas for prom and decorations.  It was to be garden party with lights everywhere and gazebos, paper lanterns.
However our funds were limited, so I volunteered my Dad's (he was an electrical contractor) services to set up the lighting.  It was magical.
My parents were two of the 4 chaperone's for Senior Prom.
My parent's were great dancers (1940's dancing) but oh did my friends enjoy watching them.
I wasn't embarrassed because I had been watching them dance all my life.

And thanks to all the excellent teaching by Miss Kilby, I made my prom dress and it was one of a kind.
I thought everyone enjoyed high school as much as I did; however, over the years I have learned my high school experience was rare and I do treasure every moment.

Our beloved principal, Mr. Khady who is now 92, is supposed to be at the reunion...
I have only been to one other reunion, my 20th

Have you been to any of your high school reunions?


  1. I'm so glad you had happy memories of being in high school. You'll have fun at your reunion and will be friends with so many of your classmates.

    Your parents sound so terrific. Great memories Cecilia.

  2. Never and I am up to number 55 this year. I have enjoyed reading about your experiences and how much fun you had and all the fond memories. if I had those I would have gone to my reunions. to describe mine just think total opposite of yours. wow on the teacher who had a breakdown.. have fun and the web site sounds great to..

  3. WOW!!! Our Mom says she wishes she went to high school with you:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  4. I went to our 5th high school reunion, and realized that I was so glad to have left high school that I have not been to another since. Those friends I had when I graduated, am still in contact with even though we lost two in the past two years. Our graduation class was over 600 I believe. I am happy for you that you have such wonderful memories of high school, and hope you enjoy that reunion!

  5. Mom has reconnected with a lot of her high school friends on Facebook. It is fun catching up! She had tons of fun throughout her high school years too. She was smiling throughout your entire post☺ What wonderful memories♥

  6. had we stayed in the town I grew up in, maybe ~~~~

    the school I graduated from { dad was transferred with his job } there's no way in sounds like swell.......... !!!!! ☺☺☺☺☺☺

  7. Hari om
    Not something that our school group has ever done...not somethi g I'd relish anyway as was subject to bullying and for sure Princess Nicola would be there!!! YAM xx

  8. What wonderful memories! I also keep in contact with HS friends on Facebook...but most of my best friends were either older or younger than I was, so I never made it to a reunion.

  9. What wonderful memories of your school years. I have never gone back to CA for a reunion. I went to a large high school. I think everyone should make the most of their high school experience
    Hazel & Mabel

  10. Lucky you to have so many wonderful memories - other than the breakdown that teacher had in class which was QUITE scary! Being in a military family we moved frequently so it was difficult really bonding with any particular class in high school. My Senior class was huge and we had graduation out in the football field. I can also remember when sitting in class the announcement that President Kennedy had been shot and the entire class began crying - it was awful and the halls were silent though full of students between classes that day. I think you are going to have a BLAST at your 50th reunion since you have already connected with so many from your class. HAVE FUN - make sure and tell us all about it too! Oh and before I forget - I've never been to a reunion...I was the "shy girl" and had few close friends.

    Love, Pam

  11. That is six interesting years! I think I might have mentioned that I did not go to any of my school reunions. Just not what I wanted to do and I did enjoy my high school years. I know you are going to have fun!

  12. If my high school had reunions (the town has one every 10 years and the high school plans a general reunion in that time and no I don't go) - I would be going to 24 this year. I hope you enjoy yours!

  13. First of all, I am amazed at how much you remember about your school days! I recall so little. I remember a few classmates and a few teachers but only a very few. See, you can connect on Facebook with all your old school chums! Looking forward to hearing your report on the reunion. I moved half way through high school so didn't really identify with either high school as being "mine" so have never gone to a reunion.


  14. I've only been to one of my reunions and I think it was my 25th. Most of the people I hung around with didn't go to the reunion (we were a class of about 500) so I don't think I would go to another one. I had fun in high school too but don't remember as much as you do. Have fun at your reunion and I can't wait to hear about it.



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