Sunday, August 6, 2017

Telling time

Raise you hand if you remember watches and clocks with real numbers 
not LCD or digital green numbers!! Ahhhhhhh come on don't be shy
just because you were born before 1970 is not a crime nor does it mean you are dinosaur, it just means you know how to tell time correctly.  I remember learning to tell time and it was a bit
of a struggle but I learned.  It was kind like learning the multiplication table you just had to stick with it and commit it to memory.  

Our daughter was born in 1971.  
 By 3ish she knew her numbers up to 20. By 4 or 4 1/2 she wanted to learn to tell time. So we worked on it at home learning on the hour, quarter hour and half hour on a clock with numbers.  She caught on quickly so we talked about shopping for her first watch.  She wanted an her friends had.  We were skeptical but we did look at all styles.  I'll never forget when she and her Daddy were looking at an LCD/Digital clock with this time on it

He asked her what time it which she replied and I quote

"one one dot dot one one"
It was at that moment we knew she would not be getting an LCD/digital watch. 
Yep she learned to tell time totally and perfectly on a watch with numbers.  At the time, she probably thought we were just being mean.  She finally got a digital watch at about 7 or 8 years of age. When asked the time, she would say Eleven minutes after eleven or 
Eleven, Eleven.
To this day anytime we see a clock with 
11:11 on it the memories are sweet.
None of us own a digital watch

 The summer before 4th grade, we told her she had to memorize the multiplication table.  She said "none of her friends have to do that in the summer." Anytime I said 'none of my friends have to do that, or all my friends are doing thus and so' to my mom she always asked me, "if all your friends were jumping off a roof would you do that too?" I asked her that very question, I got a crazed look but she did memorize the multiplication table that summer. Needless to say she was beaming, when she found on the first day of school that memorizing the multiplication table was required. 


  1. How cute! I remember when my father hollered at my brother and I (we were in the kitchen where the only clock was located), "What time is it?" We tussled back and forth as to who would take a shot at the correct answer. We replied "15 minutes until 6:30". BUSTED!


  2. I was born in 75 and still don't own a digital watch. I do have digital clocks on my devices but prefer the analogue clock.

  3. times have surely changed. I love the one dot dot, to funny and a sweet memory. when my son ws 17 he was in his room and a power outage had turned off his radio clock. he said Mom what time is it. I said 7:15 he yelled back is that AM or PM. he had no clue. my first cousins 26 year old granddaughter can not tell time by a clock, if it is not digital she can't read it. she is a college graduate. the other thing that is wrong with digital is two fold. one we put battery after battery in the trash and also watch after watch in the trash. we are destroying our enviorment. bob and I started counting what in our house has batteries, we gave up at about 22 things... and they all wear out. the old days the watch stopped or needed a new wind up stem, we gave employment to the jeweler and used the same watch. now we get them so dirt cheap it cost more to buy a battery that to buy the watch. you have landed square on one of my soap box sermons.

  4. I am so glad I learned to tell time with an analog and not didital lock...but I have to confess that with all the phones, fitbits and such I don't have much use for a wristwatch anymore!

    Thanks for the wonderful story!

  5. LOL - two very good tales to share. Mom is so glad that her kids and now the grands are all in schools where they FIRST learn how to tell time the right way, and then digitally. AND those multiplication and division tables are so important. That comes from the math teacher in Mom.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  6. I can misread any kind of watch or clock, so I usually ask someone else to confirm! I think there is a touch of dyslexia in me somewhere, but I've never pursued it medically.

  7. Great story.....I can distinctly remember my Mom saying that SAME THING about friends jumping off a roof and would I do that just because they did - it was a GREAT way to make a point. It always worked too.

    Hugs, Pam

  8. Kids they know it all. Little Miss Z sure does. Cute stories.

  9. I have a clock in the house; two actually, that have roman numerals; 11:11 is a good sign; my grandmother was born on 11:11...she told me, whenever you just happen to glance at the clock and see 11:11; it's a sign from me that I am nearby ☺☺♥♥


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