Saturday, August 26, 2017

I was almost a Flower Child

First just a brief background on this story.
In 9th grade a teacher entered my life who taught me so many valuable lessons in life.
Her name was Miss Kilby she was my homeroom teacher and my home economics teacher 9-12th grades.
My mama was a good cook; however, she was the baby of 7 children.  She was born when
Annie Ma (her mother) was 44 years old. Needless to say by the time Mama was old enough to learn to cook Annie Ma was worn out no time for cooking lessons then.  Mama cooked basics.
Miss Kilby taught me about food, nutrition, how to prepare healthy food, and how to plan a weekly menu.  To this day I still use what I learned.   I have an Excel grocery list in order of how the grocery store is laid out.  On the back of the list is my weekly menu
 (FYI: yes I am a wee bit OCD purrsonality.)  My spice rack for the most part is alphabetized too). 
Miss Kilby also taught me how to make sew.

Miss Kilby was Senior Class Adviser the year I was a senior.
She made our senior year so exciting and filled with fun.
At the end of my senior year in high school, Miss Kilby received a job offer in San Francisco.

Now for the rest of the story:
1968 was a big year for me!
 My hubby and I started dating in March of 1968.

In September 1968, I am  just a few months shy of completing my education at
Hardbarger Junior Business School.  Little did I know but Miss Kilby had married, was not teaching any more.  She and her husband had started a import/export company in San Francisco.  She had been keeping up with me. She sent me a letter telling me about her company.  In the letter, she invited me to come to San Francisco to work as the office manager of their company. 
She said if I accept their offer I could live with them until I was comfortable enough in  San Francisco to live on my own. Needless to way I was flabbergasted and honored and just so very surprised. 
REMEMBER this was 1968 San Francisco invited 
all to come out and told us we could wear a flowers in our hair.  
 Everyday SF made news even over here on the EAST COAST.
Of course my parents were in total shock at the wonderful offer and they actually loved Miss Kilby as much as I did.....
BUT DEAR FRIENDS there was no way on this EARTH they would let me move to 
San Francisco at the tender age of 19 1/2.  I graciously declined the offer and Miss Kilby was very understanding.

Along about the same time give or take a month or so my now hubby was offered a job in San Francisco as an auditor at a large company.  
It wasn't until many months later that we told each other about or job offers.
Needless to say we were both totally astonished at each other's news.
He was 24 at the  time and could have easily moved to SF...but thankfully he chose to stay in 
North Carolina.

I never once regretted not moving (not that I had a choice at the time).
In the mid 80's we stopped in San Francisco on the way to Hawaii.
Our daughter said SF was her favorite city.
Life happens as it is supposed to happen.
However, it is rather interesting how San Francisco kept popping into our lives.

Wonder if I would have owned a Flower Mobile

I'm 100% sure I would never have worn flowers in my hair...they make me sneeze.

Her offer gave me such a great confidence boost as time approached for me start my job interviews.    She was an inspiration all through high school and after.
If I'm ever asked who was my favorite teacher or what person inspired you the most in life,
my answer is always


  1. Hari OM
    Okay - a tad OCD maybe, but that doesn't necessarily have to mean you're Type A (a very specific defn. of 'competitive', 'ambitious', 'hostile')... cuz that would've meant you would've gone to SF anyway!!!

    The school-level teacher who had a major influence on me was Mr McNeill, a quietly spoken Irishman, who told me when I was eleven years old that I had excellent writing skills and foresaw that one day I'd make my mark with them. Am not entirely sure he would think that blogging counted, but hey, it got me places (literally, last year!) did it not??? YAM xx

    1. thank you Yam Aunty.. you are very correct OCD would be a much better description than type A, I don't think I ever looked up the definition of Type A before.

  2. what a story, so now we know a almost flower child.. MOL.. by the time you got this offer, I was dealing with 2 and 12 months boys. both in diapers at one time, the kind that had to be washed. my dad would not let me move out either, that would have been in 1962. if either one of you had taken the job you might not have ever met...

  3. Oh indeed things happen for a reason. Even though SF called, neither you nor your hubby-to-be went and while it's beckoned you both for different reasons since, NOT going was the right thing at the time. I was here in Virginia when the flower power bug was going around and I was pulled into it hook, line and sinker. Flowers in my hair, embroidery on my jeans, stringing beads - the whole nine yards. Interesting because I also held down a very responsible government job at the same time. Talk about "split personality" !!! HAHA Anyway, I guess we all had one very important influence in our lives - usually a special teacher - but it sounds to me like your Miss Kilby was more like FAMILY for you which is even better!

    Hugs, Pam

  4. EveryBODY in high school should have a Miss Kilby! I am happy everything worked out for you and you were able to keep up with Miss Kilby. I think alphabetizing my spices would be a big help but it would take the fun out of the search! I used to plan meals for the week but that went out the door a long time ago... :)

  5. That is very odd about all the 2 different job offers in San Francisco. I've been once a long time ago, but I didn't want to stay there. Was nice to visit, but I was ready to come home.

  6. Fascinating! The Hubby is a bona fide hippie, having spent a full summer without shoes, and the stories about concerts... Where did all that love and peace go?

  7. I love this story, and the paths both you and your hubby took! I'm reading a book about the Summer of Love right now called, "Season of the Witch". From what I have read so far, you chose correctly! San Francisco was a mess during 1967 and 1968!

  8. I am sure everyone has a Miss Kilby in their life. I had one too but unfortunately I don't remember her name but I remember all the good things she has done.


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