Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hair dos

.....are a big deal to all females no matter their age.

As a teenager, I was always on a mission to find the next big product to enhance my hair. 
Around about age 13 many of my friends were always talking about
rinsing their hair in beer.  Evidently after this drenching one's  hair was shiny, luscious and manageable their hair.  I was itching to try this but alas there was no beer in our house.
 I had resigned myself to the fact that my hair would never be as shiny, luscious or manageable
as my friend's hair. One late hot afternoon, I came home from school to find that the men Daddy hired to pour a cement slap at our garage door had finished the 2 day job.
I decided to go check things out. As I approached, I noticed they had left lunch trash in the area including a BEER can. I picked it up to find it had not been opened and judging by the
hot can it had been there awhile.  Oh lucky days I had a can of beer I could use on my hair.
I had approximately 3 hours to wash, rinse and  roll and dry my hair.

For all you youngsters reading this is how we dried our hair when I was a teen
This was my least favorite dryer because I used really large rollers and it was hard to get
this bonnet over all of them.

Thankfully we finally purchased a table top version of what the beauty salons used


I knew nothing about beer or how it smelled nor did I even think about it being HOT BEER.  I wasn't sure how much to use so I went with more is better the entire can..  
Let me just say there was not enough shampoo in the house to get that nasty hot beer smell out of my hair.  The house smelled like a brewery!!
 I watched the clock ticktocking away while waiting for my parents to come home,  I knew I was up the creek with a holes in my boat and no paddle.  5 o'clock came and I heard Daddy pull in the drive way. He walked in the house sniffed a bit and bellowed do I smell beer and where did it come from and did you drink it.  I told him my pitiful story....he tried his best not to laugh but I could tell he was about the explode with laughter.  He said well what have you learned?
My reply was, I hate beer!  To this day I still cannot stand the smell of beer.
As for the workman drinking on the job and leaving the beer at the job site...let me just say
their boss got an ear full and to the best of my recollection Daddy paid for the materials for the concrete slab but not the labor.

Too bad we didn't have Google back in the 1960's it would have saved me a lot of grief.
This is what I found and for sure there were not any shampoos back then fragrant enough to cut the smell of hot beer.

Raise your hand if you have your very own hair do story.

“For a hygienically acceptable application, at the end of a shower, pour a flat beerover your hair straight from your roots,” says Mena. “Let it sit for 3-4 minutes andrinse with cold water to increase shine. To avoid the stench that can come with beer, follow-up with a fragrant conditioner.” 

Hair dos
to be continued


  1. Hari OM
    Heheheheh yes it was all the rage for a while... in OZ one could actually purchase beer shampoo - all the benefit none of the stink. I stuck to jojoba... YAM xx

  2. TeeHeeHee....I'm not a beer drinker...or shampoo-er either!

  3. LOL - that is a great story, Cecilia. You must have given your parents the giggles for days. Our Mom remembers those hair bonnet days too. Her hair is curly and so as for "hair dos", her hair "does" what it wants, and rarely what she wants.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  4. I am laughing hard, the beer smell I think i can smell it now. we used tea or vinegar to make our hair shine. mine never did, it was straight and course and I did wear it teased and big.. teasing was the thing
    I had both of these dryers, the bonnet first, then the other. my hair story is once sitting under the second dryer, a big clap of thunder came, and the lighting hit the fuse box, making smoke pour from the wall my bac was to. I was about 3 feet from it... I have to say I do prefer hand held dryers and that I gave them up about a year ago and now let it air dry... thanks for the giggles...and Arty gave me a giggle saying he doesn't drink beer or shamppo. he he he

  5. You have my mom rolling on the floor! She used both of those kinds of hair dryers and wasted her time rolling her hair. She has pokerstraight hair and it never held the curl for more than 1 hour. She never tried the beer rinse though. Thank you for the smiles☺

  6. Oh yes indeed I remember those hair dryers....I never did the beer thing but the other fad was putting hydrogen peroxide on your hair when you went out in the sun because it would give you blonde highlights. Well it does do that but it shouldn't be used full strength that's for sure but nobody told US that back then....Anyway, love these memories - the things we do to look good THEN and NOW are sometimes mind boggling aren't they?! Love this story though - good for your Dad not paying for labor when the labor was drinking brewskis during break time! LOL

    Love, Pam

  7. Our mom says she had one of the top hair dryers. She, her sister and mom all had to share the one. Our mom never tried the beer thing in her hair probably because, like you, there was never any beer in the house.

  8. When I was in high school I was getting ready to wash my hair and saw there was no shampoo left (7 heads shared 1 bottle). So the next best thing (in my mind) was to grate up some bar soap and use it as a shampoo. I think I was married before I got all those little chunks washed out of my hair! It was almost as bad of an idea as when I tried using coffee grounds in place of tobacco in a rolled cigarette (that was rolled in notebook paper). Lessons not soon forgotten!


  9. I have used beer in my hair too. Fortunately my mom knew how to so it wasn't as bad. I also use to get my mom to iron my hair.

  10. I never dried my hair and rolled it. It would have been useless. It wouldn't hold a curl if I glued one in.

    That's a funny story.

  11. I remember using too much V05 (a little dab will do you!) and my hair looked greasy and stringy for a long time until it finally washed out.


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