Saturday, August 19, 2017

Hair dos: Frosted

In 1965 all the girls I knew were frosting/highlighting their hair either at home or the hair salon.
It was another one of those"everyone is doing it" conversations with my parents.
My parents didn't have a clue what frosting was all about. They didn't even realize that one of my aunt's hair was frosted until I told them.  My hope was this would work in my favor.
Daddy asked his sister about the procedure and if it was safe for my hair.  She told him she would talk to her hair stylist about it.  The verdict was back.  The hair stylist told my aunt if a person's hair had even a tinge of red natural coloring in it that frosting that hair would basically turn the hair a kind of orange color.  I had natural red highlights in my hair...I lost that battle.  When talking to my
friends about the procedure, I  learned it was a bit of an ordeal and could be painful.
Of course 1965 no Google so no way to find out any information.
I knew the hair had to be pulled through something but not what or how.

Today Google tells me a frosting kit contains

1. Metal tipping needles

2. Bleed proof inner liner 

Seems my parents did KNOW BEST!! My mom never put any type of coloring or highlighting on her hair.


Circled tipping guides for highlighting
Double stitched visor prevents drips
Includes needle
  • 6 Pieces
  • Kit Includes 4 Caps Plus Metal Tipping Needle,
  • Double Stitched Construction,
  • Bleed-Proof Inner Liner,
  • Perforated Outer Liner,
Now fast forward to the late 1990's early 2000.  My mom and I were having lunch one day.  She asked me if I had noticed that I had NUMBER (her words) of gray hairs popping up here and there.  She particularly noticed that I had a gray streak running right down the center of my bangs. 
 She goes on to say I've been having my hair dresser put a rinse on my hair to cover my gray.  Have you thought about trying it?  My reply was No I haven't.  I burst out laughing while reminding when I wanted to have frosting/highlights done years ago, it was not allowed and that I actually liked how my hair was graying. It was the frosted look I had always wanted and it was a nice silver gray....and most of all FREE, painless and no chance of bleeding with my natural frosting/highlighting.  She eventually discovered the rinse she was using on her hair quickly washed out after a few shampoos. I think my gray hair made her feel old. LOL
 Eventually we both had naturally silver highlights.


  1. Hari OM
    Heheheh I recall when my older cousin had her's frosted... all the aunts were talking about how she had paid good money for the effect which they all had for free! YAM xx

  2. My mom would have squashed the frosting idea from the start too. No rinses for me. Grey hairs give us character☺

  3. Of course my dad would never have let me color my hair I couldn't wear makeup I can only wear a little bit of pink lipstick and nothing else so he certainly would not have let me Frost my hair but when I was in high school in the late 50s what was popular then was putting peroxide in your bangs and letting it the Sun change it my cousin had black hair and she put it in hers and she got bright orange bangs. I was also told by a beautician once that I had red tones in my hair and if I put anything on it it would turn it Orange. I have never dyed my hair and I'm like you I like my gray natural I did like it better when it was brown but I don't have a problem with the gray. And when people were frosting their hair back when you were talking about you couldn't tell if it was gray or if they were going gray or if they did it so everybody was going around looking like they had grey hair. That is just too funny that your mom wouldn't let you do yours but then she put the rents on hers. You could always try Grecian formula remember that

  4. I really have to laugh because the first person to color my hair was my Mom...It was my sophomore year of high school after a summer of over use of Sun-In...

    I've been coloring it every year...but always one color never any frosting or highlighting...

  5. My mom remembers when her older cousin went through all that frosting stuff with the helmet with holes. We don't think we would like it very much to have our furs pulled through those little holes. And besides, Misty already has her own version of frosted furs:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  6. I have been coloring my hair for years now but now it is hard to stop HA HA.
    I had my daughter in law add highlights the last few times and it is an easier process now. No caps to pull hair through

  7. Oh yes indeed I remember those frosting kits and MANY hours in front of a mirror in the bathroom trying to "do it myself"! I always had trouble with those hooks.....and I couldn't do the BACK of my head at all. Anyway, other "hair fads" came into vogue like peroxide in the sun, etc. so I gave up on the highlighting thing. I have no idea what it's like to do now but something tells me it isn't as HAPHAZARD as it was back in the 60s! I appreciate my natural gray highlights these days though.........

    Love, Pam

  8. Ha! Ha! I had my hair pulled through once of those caps one time and only one time. Dang did it ever HURT!! I used to get highlights (for years) but am not quite content to let nature do my highlights.


  9. My Mom had frosted hair and I am sure she would have let me do it too if I had wanted it. My hair was and still is so goofy and misbehaving that frosting would probably drive me crazy. I have gray coming in now and makes my hair look like highlights a bit but it is still mostly brown. I don't plan on dyeing my hair brown as it grays... scared my hair will fall out!!

  10. hahaha, I knew several girls that ended up with orange streaks.


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