Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I am told my first 5 years of life were an adventure

When I was  just over 2 years old, I was cover girl.

My Mama worked at the Farmer's Cooperative Exchange aka FCX.
I'm not really sure what my she did there.  She was 100% a city girl.
They had a quarterly magazine.  The powers that be asked Mama if I could pose with some baby chicks for a few pictures.  Lo and behold I was a natural with the chicks and knew how to work the camera.
My career peaked and tanked all at once.


I stayed with my *Annie Ma (maternal grandmother) while  Mama worked.
*I'm told the first grandchild could not say "Gr".  She started calling my our grandmother
Annie Ma.  It stuck we all called her Annie Ma.
  Annie Ma loved dogs.  She  had a beautiful Collie named Lady.
Lady had a litter of puppies that I'm told I adored. I learned to love animals early.
Annie Ma had a huge fenced in yard.  One day I was out there with Lady and the pups.
Somehow, some where I found some scissors.  No clue where to this day.
  I had cut all the puppies fur on one side, cut my own bangs up to my hair line one side and I cut som of Lady's fur.  When Annie Ma came out to check on us, I'm told she nearly fainted when she saw me with the scissors and they were her sewing scissors.  She  try to be calm as she walked toward me asking me what I was doing.  I'm told my reply was, 
"I gave the puppies a hair cut and they didn't even move".
It is a wonder I didn't poke my eye out with the scissors when I cut my bangs.
As you might have guessed Lady was a very very good dog.  

Fast forward about 2 years, I had one other hair raising experience.

My cousins and I  were running through Annie Ma's (that was a no no) but fun until
you were caught.  Well guess who fell toward a glass front wardrobe catching herself with her left hand? ME.  My left ring finger was bleeding profusely, I had to be taken to the 
ER.  I'm told when the doctor tried to come near me to look at my hand I was throwing a fit and slinging blood all over the ER walls. They had to call in 2 nurses and an orderly to hold me down.
They had to restrain me with some kind of contraption so that they could see my finger.
Seems I had a diagonal cut on my finger running from the first joint underneath all the way to the front by the nail. I had to have several stitches.  I still have a scar and to this very day if by chance I hit that finger in just that very location I still see stars.


In spite of all of this lived to start school at age 6 where I'm told I was a very quiet, well behaved student.

Next installment of My Mind's Eye I'll tell you more about Annie Ma


  1. Hari OM
    HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH... sometimes when we look back at childhood capers, we wonder how we ever made it into puberty, never mind the rest!!! YAM xx

  2. I can so see you being all proud of the trims you gave the puppies and the nifty cut on your bangs! LOL on your "career peaked and tanked all at once"! You were a cutie and I am not surprised that you grew up loving animals to this day!

  3. That sure WAS quite the scary experience. We just love your cover girl photo -what a doll!!! Your dress reminds Mom of Polly Flinders whoever that is:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  4. I am finking, Mom of Madi, that you were quite a pawful when you were a mini peep!
    Love and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. Truly, that is just the cutest photo, of a sweet lil girly with ribbons in her hair, and baby chicks too! When I was a child, am told that I liked to rub stuff into my hair...food, mud, etc. Several photos exist of that, which is a minor miracle because I was #5 child of six and it's surprising that the parents had any energy to take photos.

  6. C; look at you and your adorable self.....guess you had everyone fooled though with all the feisty ness !!! I bet the dogs were glad to have a hair cut :) and cringing from here on your finger......OW.....mega big time ♥♥♥

  7. That photo of you is precious. Sorry about your poor finger though.

  8. I can totally believe you might have been a "handful" for your Annie Ma(just love that name for a Grandma!)

  9. At 18 months 5 adults couldn't hold me down for stitches!
    Sounds like you were a handful!

  10. That is a wonderful cover girl moment!! You look like you're having a ball with those chicks....Imagine being the cover girl for "The Cooperator" when you sound like you had a mind of your own and no intention to cooperate! HAHAHA I think you were quite the little entrepreneur becoming a hairdresser at an early age and specializing in dog-cuts. Isn't it amazing we all survived our childhood? I often think about that!

    Love, Pam

  11. What an adorable pic of your mom! Those poor puppies. LOL

  12. I know what you mean about something hurting to this day. Same with my thigh where the horse bit me years ago and tore the ligaments. Also when young, chasing a rabbit and cut my ankle on a big broken glass jug. Can't stand for either place to be touched.

    You were lucky to have Annie Ma when you were growing up. We didn't have any grandparents.

    Love the magazine cover. CUTE!

  13. We have a MOVIE Star as a blog friend. Wow.. that is such a cute front page of you and the chicks. I had no adventures like yours because I was born fearful.. but my two sons had enough stories like yours to fill a book... oldest son at age 5 tried to hammer a coke bottle in the ground with another coke bottle. slung blood and ER trip like yours

  14. LOL! What great stories and love the chick pic!

  15. Ha! Ha! What wonderful stories! And of course that makes you a professional model too! I think there is some innate drive in little girls to cut any hair that might be accessible. What a cute little girl you were!



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