Friday, July 7, 2017

Farewell Flippy and Green Cross follow up

Subtitle: Welcome to the 21st Century
I don't believe in rushing into any new adventure. 
I have a very scientific philosophy:
If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!

In 2009 I bought a new TMobile it was the all rage flip phone.  At the end of my three year contract,
 everyone I knew had iPhones or smartphones. Most were having trouble with them. 
BUT they all kept saying oh you should get one it is wonderful. Rather than join the Army of guinea pigs,  I like to mull over things for a long while.  Since I only use my phone when traveling,  I decided to accept TMobile's offer to just add funds to my phone as need be.  
  No mess, no contracts no monthly fees, I could add a little as $10.00 or as much as $100.00.  The first $100.00 carried me into another year. What a deal. I had phone service whenever I needed it.  I had  a MOST economical price....hundreds of dollars less a year than those with iPhones and smartphones. In the past years, I rec'd at least a 10-12 day notification when my funds were running low.  This gave me plenty of time to add funds. Evidently Tmobile stopped providing advance notice.  When our plane landed at RDU International Airport at 9pm on Monday night 6/26/17.  I discovered I was out of funds when I tried to confirm our shuttle reservations.  Thankfully RDC airport shuttle was there waiting for us.  I decided it would be silly to add funds to an 8 1/2 year old phone.
I was not dragged into this decision kicking and screaming!
I knew it was time I took an itty bitty baby step into the 21st Century last week.
I am not smart enough for a SMART phone nor did I need all the functions, apps etc.
I was Smart enough not to pay $600.00+ for one either.
I bought a LG  Rebel 2 LTE, Android Smartphone by Tracfone for 79.99.
I purchased a 2 month talk, text, data plan for 25.00.
BEST NEWS OF ALL I COULD TRANSFER MY Tmobile cell number to the Tracfone.
No fuss, no mess no contract.
Thus far I have learned how to turn it on, set up voice mail and take a photo with it.
I need to set up my contacts phone numbers in it.
I rec'd a text from tracfone thanking me for my purchase....
I did not texted them 'you are welcomed'.
I doubt very seriously I will use the text function.  I have not set up my email on it and I doubt I will.
But who knows...I think my fingers are too big.
I already make enough typos on my iPad keyboard.
I like the size of it.  It will stay in my pocketbook. I don't wear pants with tush pockets.
All in all I'm ok with it.  It will serve my needs at an affordable cost of ~$17.50 a month...
more than I was paying for Flippy but at least I'm still way under the cost of the
big girl phones.  Last year at the B.A.R. I was the only attendee with a flip phone,
I could not take photos, text or receive email...and I had iffy connection.  I have much better connections all over with this little ditty.

NB and NC here is your last chance to say good bye to Flippy and hello to Traci my Tracfone.

I hope you are impressed....Madi was not!!

On Saturday June 24th I posted about a most interesting adventure I had looking for
a drug/pharmacy in Silverton.
 Click here if you missed it.

Jackie from Memories of Eric and Flynn sent me a very interesting email pasted below

5. The Green Cross
This was first introduced as a pharmaceutical symbol in continental Europe in the early 20th century as a replacement for the Red Cross. This is because the Red Cross, previously used by some medical institutions and pharmacists, was adopted by the International Red Cross in 1863. The Green Cross did not arrive in Britain until 1984 when it was adopted by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain as a standard symbol for British pharmacy. This symbol is now widely recognized across Europe.

There are a lot of variations on the green cross and these are two of the most common ones. Often they are done with flashing LED lights.

Thank you Jackie!!!
In spite of not knowing this was a widely recognized pharmacy symbol in Europe
I don't feel quite as 'uninformed' about things as I did the day I entered that 'drug' store that was flying a just a green cross flag w/o a circle


  1. Hari OM
    HiC, you were NOT the only one at BAR with a flippy... I had mine with me, but switched off most of the time!!! It's an 'as needs' usage, (though lately a lot more, cuz of all the repairs fiasco)... it is a PAYG sim and $20 lasts me a year or more. It will take me a tad longer to take the step you have!!! YAM xx

  2. Y'all don't feel alone. I don't have a personal smart phone either. I have a cheap phone on our cell plan. The hubby has a smart phone and all the data is assigned to his. BUT, I do have a work i-phone. So I don't feel I need to carry 2 huge phones. I will get my own smart phone when I retire.

    Interesting about the green cross. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I despair of my Mum and her phone, Mom of Madi…did you know Mum put hers in the washing machine?
    And no, its not a good idea *sigh* it never recovered! Although it did mean a few less photos of me in compromising positions for a while, that was a bonus!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. wildly clapping and sooooooo happy you have joined the smart phone world... when I first got mine last year I thought I would never use it, now it pops in my hand and I don't even remember picking it up. you have an almost identical phone to mine, so any questions just HOLLER at me... you will love the photos, I use mine to ask questions of google girl.... in doc office she said do you know your pharmancy phone number? nope but I tapped the microphone and said Publix westgate pharmacy phone number and POP goes the weasel.

  5. My mom likes to mull things over for TOO long. It's so ridiculous! Yup, she still has the flippy phone!

  6. Madi, like all cats, are unimpressed with human things, since they KNOW they are far more civilized than we! BTW, if I wasn't carrying an office phone, I'd probably NOT have a cell phone at all! Too much $$$, which I'd rather spend on cat food...

  7. Ok, obviously you need to edit this post and change the part about not texting lol! I think you will find lots of uses for it, especially the camera. I use my camera all the time. I am disappointed that you didn't announce a name for the new phone! Oh, I am writing this from my cell phone too. Will there be services for Flippy?


  8. madi...if mom had her smart fone bee for her trip... her coulda called a head .... ore texted.... N toll de "drug" store, de pot headz waz on ther way; get R stash reddy coz we haza bus ta catch !!!!!!



  9. Mom says Dad didn't have a cell phone until after 9/11 when Dad was stuck in NYC and it was so hard to reach him. They both had flip phones for years, but then Mom caved and treated herself to an iPhone. Then a Macbook, and eventually an iPad - she never wants to go back to anything else. Dad lived with his flip phone until he "retired" and opened his own business. Finally he had to get a smart phone. Yes, he too has an iPhone, but he still struggles with a lot of its features:)

    Farewell, Flippy and Welcome, Traci.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

    I bet you love it for years to come HiC!

  11. We have tracphones too. We buy one year cards for $99. We get triple the minutes and texts on our phones and never come close to running out as we don't use them all the time either

  12. The world of smart phones and techie stuff has passed hubby and me by and we are fine with that (!). We both have old fashioned flippies - his is in his glovebox in the Blazer and mine is in a pocket at the bottom of my purse and they MIGHT (only just MIGHT) exit their hiding spots once or twice a year and only then in an emergency. We are not in communication with the world via phone I'm afraid. YES WE ARE OLDIE MOLDIES and refusing to join the rest of the universe in being in constant contact. We kinda like being out of's much quieter that way! HAHA HOWEVER, having said that, I'm happy that YOU are happy with your smartyphone......that's the only thing that's important.

    Love, Pam

  13. I got a BIG kick out of this post! About a year ago CH had his 4th Flippy die and he gave up on flips forever and went to the dark side of smart phones... an iPhone 5, and has never looked back. His iPhone 5 took a tumble right out of his hands and now he has a 5SE. I started my smart phone history when my beloved Nokia died with an iPhone 3G and have worked my way to an iPhone 7 Plus... it's all about the camera and I love the photo editing apps and weather apps. I hope you do start to text... I can always hope.. :) My smarter than me iPhone are not joined at the hip and I sometimes leave it at home but I do really enjoy it. I am with Murphy up there and I wonder/look forward to the name for your new smart phone! I would think the party in your head would love the new phone!!!


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