Sunday, July 2, 2017

Colorado Springs, CO: Meeting a Friend

Shortly after I started my original blog, I met a most amazing young woman named Amber. She lived far away from us in Colorado, with her hubby, her two dogs Mayzie and Ranger and two cats Angel Cap'n Ripley and Abby. After Cap'n Ripley passed in 2011, they rescued Smudge a most handsome Tuxie Man. About four years ago, Amber started her own business as a Copy Writer for the Pet Industry. It is called commahound. She runs this very successful business from her home. Her paws are full so she no longer blogs. She asked me to tell everyone who might remember Mayzie, Ranger, Abby and Smudge hello. All the furbabes are seniors now but they are are well. She says Mayzie is her constant companion during the day. Mayzie has to gently remind Amber that it is time for a Walkie!!
I always told Amber we were coming to Colorado one day. In April of 2017..we finally made arrangements to take this trip. The first thing I did was contact Amber. Our last night of the trip out west was spent in Colorado Springs...where Amber and her pack live. Amber joined us for supper that night at Cajun & Creole restaurant in The Mining Exchange Hotel.
Pictured borrowed from their website

The property reopened in 2012 as The Mining Exchange Hotel. The public areas are elegant yet casual with comfortable seating areas- perfect to catch up on work or share a drink with friends.
Below is a photo of Amber and me taken in the lobby of the hotel on June 25, 2017. She is a beautiful young lady, she has a heart of gold for her family and her friends.
It was our very first meeting 'in the furs'; however, after reading her animal blog for a few days in the beginning I knew she was a special young lady. I was right!! At our meeting it felt like we had known each forever!
She is exactly as I expected her to be. If you ever get a chance to meet a blogging friend in the furs,

Just over our right shoulders (to the left when looking at the photo) was
This is an old vault in the lobby of the hotel that was used when it was
Built in 1902 as a stock exchange for the local mining companies.

This was probably the largest piece of marble I have seen....
Seems to me maybe the fireplace in the lobby could have been BIGGER

Colorado Springs is a beautiful city and full of art and fun.
Currently the city has a fun scavenger/humpty dumpty hunt in progress.
We were able to find 4 of these adorable egg heads within a block of the hotel
The one on the left below is playing a violin, on the right he is about to ski off the building

This happy egg head is reading a book. I thought this might be a library building 
but I wasn't able to confirm that
Look under the K in parking you will find another egg head hanging upside.

Not sure why!

More art in the city...I'm just not sure what it was

We arrived at our hotel at 6:30 pm on Sunday 6/25. We only had about an
hour the next day to walk around before we had to board our
motor coach to head to the airport in Denver. I would love
to go back to Colorado Springs, CO. It is a large city but appeared to 
be very easy to navigate.


  1. How great to meet our fellow bloggers! I know I will always treasure all of you we met last year!


    1. We quadruple that statement NB!!! I still think about it and find it so hard to believe and am so thankful. I am a wee bit envious of the August Mini Bar.
      Hugs HiC

  2. Hari OM
    Yup, add me in as a fan of meeting folks in the furs!!! Glad you found this to be every bit as fun as BAR... and any city which endorses art to this level has gotta be fun!!! YAM xx

  3. That was fun, meeting new/old furriends.

  4. We agree that it's fun to visit a blog buddy in the furs.....Mom has done that twice now.....and hopes to do more eventually. Love the "hide an egg" thing in the city - CUTE!

    Hugs, Teddy

  5. We remember Mayzie and Brudder Ranger! We loved their blog! Please tell them that Maggie and Mitch say Hi☺

  6. Love the egg heads... how fun! I have had several meet up and they have all been fun. Glad you got to meet up with Amber. That is a fascinating hotel! So happy you enjoyed your vacation!

  7. this is great, I do remember the dogs and her blog.. I love those egg heads, really cool and it is fun to meet bloggers in the furs. ha ha.. that fire place is way way way to small... love the front of the big safe.

  8. I was in Colorado Springs several years ago, and I too loved the place! I have a friend who lives there, and I'm coaxing her to consider adopting a cat or two, while she is still working but her husband is retired. I recently met a blogging friend too, and it's just the bee's knees!

  9. That is a very interesting hotel. We loved seeing all the photos. But we especially loved seeing Ms. Amber. Lightning was around when she was still blogging, but not Misty. Amber and her furries knew all of our other angels. She looks wonderful and so happy. What a beautiful smile!!! It is also a great pic of your sweet Mom.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  10. We are so glad you got to meet Amber!! We remember Mayzie and Ranger!
    Arty & Jakey

  11. Oh WE KNOW AMBER!!!!! Mom has met her in person (and her husband) a few times!! WE LOVE HER SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! She IS a sweetheart! So happy you got to meet her!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  12. how awesome you got to meet a friend while on your travels !!! ☺☺♥♥

  13. How lovely that you were able to meet your blogging friend. Finding the eggheads looks like fun.

  14. It's always fun to meet blogging friends in the furs or flesh. Those eggs are silly and cute. Too bad you didn't have time to find more.

  15. The eggs are cool. They look like squadrons of some kind of birds....
    Glad you got to meet up with your friend.

    Looks like a great city to walk around in.

  16. Every time I've been lucy enough to meet fellow bloggers I have had a wonderful time, you are so right Mom of Madi, if there is a chance meeting in the furs is the bestest!
    I love that safe….so shiny


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