Friday, June 2, 2017

My name is....

Early in life I realized my name, Cecilia, was different. Actually it was kind of hard for me and all I met to pronounce and spell. Eventually I conquered it but others did not.
All 12 years of school I had a friend  whose name was Celia.
Many years we were in the same class. The teachers called us both Celia.
I tried to correct them a few times but being shy (yes I WAS shy but not any more) I finally gave up.
 I answered to Celia. 
My entire life I have had to defend the spelling and pronunciation of my name, Cecilia not Celia.
 I was also called Cynthia and Celeste.
In junior high school, I came out of my shell.  I was no longer going to answer to anything I was called
I started saying my name is
CECILIA and it is spelled with 2 i's not 2 e's
  I once worked with an older man who called me Petunia.  He said it was easier to remember than Cecilia.
Years ago, I worked with a woman who was a bit of a know it all. Once she was in charge of setting 
up a pretty important meeting.  She sent out emails to all administrative assistants asking them to
send her our boss's schedules.  About mid afternoon I received a rather snippy phone call from her
asking why I had not replied.  I told her I had not received an email.  I suggested per chance she had my address wrong.  She repeated it.  I said yes that is the correct email address, but I bet you misspelled my name.  She assured me she knew how to spell it....Cecelia.
I said no that is not correct. She actually debated with me on the spelling of my name.
In a bit of a huff she agreed to send it again as she said, 'the way YOU spell it. 
I received it immediately and I also had to chuckle.
Though the years Cecilia has become quite a common name.  In the late 1960's Simon and Garfunkel wrote a song about Cecilia.  I often see the name in novels, TV shows and now in my very favorite
Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn.
  I guess Cecilia is no longer an oddity.


  1. Dearest Madi's Mom, I finks Cecilia is a VERY pretty name and you may Finks I am mispronouncing it wiv my English accent butt howevers you say it, it are a VERY pretty name!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. I have had the same dang problem with my name. Always spelled incorrectly. Most people cannot pronounce it. And then people shorten it to Mona.

    ONLY my family calls me Mona. (and a few close and I mean very close friends). Even the hubby does not call me Mona.
    It actually raises the hackles on my back when an acquaintance calls me Mona.

    BUT, when I give a order and they ask a name, I tell them Mona because I figure they can spell it and get it out of their mouth. Otherwise, it's spell, repeat and then hear them call Ramada, Romano, Raymond - you get it.

    And I had one old fool ex co worker call me Merona.

  3. Cecilia is a beautiful name! One of mom's middle names is Celeste and she doesn't like it.

  4. I love the name Cecilia...and think it fits you perfectly!!

  5. I'm so glad I read today's post on Madi to find your new blog! Your name is beautiful. I have a fairly common name ... and I've had problems. Katherine. 1) There's a billion ways to spell it (Kathryn, Catherine, Katharine for the Hepburn fans ...). 2) People get it confused with Kathleen. 3) Everyone thinks "Kathy" is my nickname ... and I HATE that name! On and on ... and sometimes my family members are the WORST!

  6. You might be interested in knowing that up until about 10 years ago I was spelling my middle name incorrectly. I happened to look at my birth certificate and caught the error. I had to fix my passport and there are other things still misspelled. I would insist on a correct pronunciation too. I'm not sure if I was pronouncing it correctly or not. Due to Simon and Garfunkel I'm thinking I was OK. But it doesn't matter any more, eh HiC?


  7. "Oh Cecilia! You're breaking my heart! You're shaking my confidence daily..." My sisters both have unusual names; one's that you could NEVER find a bicycle license or pencil with their name correctly written on it. My name, Vicky, is often misspelled too! I or IE at the end. Have often thought of using a completely different name "Annie" or something like that!

  8. Cecilia is such a beautiful name. You need to stick to your guns and have it spelled correctly. The oldest granddaughter runs into all sorts of spellings of her name Kaeleigh, and her younger sister does too, Cambrie. Actually I have a very common name but it too has so many variations - mine is Katherine. But I will answer to most anything:)

  9. We think Cecilia is a pretty name!

  10. madi's mom....we due knot think we shuld post heer what de food servizz gurlz been called !!!!!!! ☺☺♥♥

  11. We love your name! Mom's daughter has issues with her name and spelling too. Deidre (pronounced daydra) People either say DEEdre or want to put an r in it Deirdre

  12. People are just odd about others' names. Wanting to call you Petunia???

  13. Other than very few Pamelas as I grew up, I never had name issues - just wondered why nobody else was named Pamela! I have been guilty of misspelling your name in an email or two - funny how our brains ignore REASON sometimes isn't it?!?!?!

    Hugs, Pam

  14. I love your name. It just comes out beautifully. I have to admit that for a bit I wanted to type Cecelia. I don't know why because it doesn't look right to me. I don't like to go by my real name, I like Pix, but the nuns would not call me Pix. Made me sad for awhile but then I didn't really care what they called me.

    I think that guy was a jerk to call you Petunia. He knew your name I am sure... just rude. Love how you handled Miss Snippy! I signed up for email notification... I should know email subscription runs late. So, I am just going to add you to my favorites!

  15. Hari OM
    Oh I've had that debate about name spelling too... I mean really? It takes all kinds... YAM xx

  16. How funny that someone argued with YOU about how your name is spelled!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  17. There are many ways to spell Cindy and Cynthia so I often have to spell it out. My biggest problem is with my last name. Lots of people what to say and spell it with an "sh" on the end instead of a "ch". I always tell them it's like the grape juice.

  18. You would think my name would be easy but I have also had a lot of problems with it. My fav was being called Bonnie.


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