Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I'm an.....OWoP

I have several pictures of J. Crew's latest window dressings

Their window dresser is quite cre8tive.

obsessive watcher of people 
peo·ple-watch·ing noun the action or practice of spending time idly observing people in a public place.

No matter where I go, what I'm doing or who I am with my mind's eye is always on the prowl.
However, I try not to get caught staring and for sure I am not a stalker. I just find people interesting.
We walk at the mall five mornings a week.

I have become an avid observer of mall walkers. We are a motley bunch folks from all walks of life brought together each day between 7 am and 10 am striving for fitness. There is a mall walker's meeting once a month (as of this writing we NEVER plan to attend).

Today I'd like to tell you about my observations.

Mall Traffic:
All mall walkers have their own distinct style of walking and predetermined route. On any given day, there could be 20 or 30 folks traipsing around both levels of the mall. For this reason, we feel that mall walkers should observe laws of the road.. always walk to the right. However, we have found there are rebel mall walkers who joy in walking the wrong way. *They walk the width of an aisle often they stop smack dab in the middle of the aisle to talk about a window display. This behavior messes up the ebb and flow of foot traffic. Over the months we have learned to avoid these groups.

Several days a week we see one particular non mall walker, come into the mall with either a used Panera ice tea cup or coffee cup. Panera's policy is free refills while in the Cafe only. It is not a free for life refill policy. She sneaks in the back door of Panera with her cups gets her refill then leaves. That is just naughty!!

We have tagged many of the walkers with 'nicknames' due to their style of walk or habits.

1. Hoodie lady, she has more tops with hoods than I've ever seen in my life and in all colors. She must own stock at Old Navy.

2. Non neighbor: Numerous times we see driving up our street as we were pulling out or in the yard. Once we had an opportunity to speak to him.  Mentioned we didn't know he lived near us. He asked where we told him what street. He said he that street was not familiar to him. LOL
I guess he doesn't have a clue what street he travels multiple times a week.

3. Wild arm man, as he walks he swings his right arm so hard it goes up to his head as if to salute all the while his left arm behaves.

4. Mad hatter always carries his hat in his hand swinging it maddly. We wonder why he doesn't leave it in the car.

5. Preppie lady, she always has a sweater tied around her shoulders...never wears it

6. Newspaper man, he and his wife walk together but he reads the newspaper while walking. She is about 2 steps behind him. When he finishes with a section of the paper, he briskly tosses it back to her. Often she walks pushing a Sears cart and she'll put the paper in the cart. The news is heavy but REALLY is a cart necessary? LOL

7. First Sargent he always walks down the middle of the mall, very tall and straight as if in formation.

8. Geisha lady, she walks very fast but takes very tiny steps.

9. Odd Couple, she has ankle weights and carries hand weights in each hand. She walks ahead of him. They usually coordinate the color of their tops.

10. *Moving Road block, their group consists of 3 to 5 and sometimes 6 females. They insist on walking together, they walk abreast slowly, stop on a whim to talk or look at a window and generally cause road blocks.

11. Celebrity Gal: She walks inside the mall with sunglasses on and a ball cap. A young man walks with her but they don't talk. We suppose he is her body guard. We hope to get a peep at her one day.

12. The Biker Dudes: None are younger that 65, they ride their bikes to the mall everyday, park their bikes inside under the stairs while having a bagel. We're just plain envious of them to be riding bikes some distances at their ages. Way to Go Biker Dudes

13. Same clothes Sally: She walks 3 or 4 days a week. She wears the same clothes every day or either she has lots of identical  Surely they need to be washed by now.
14. Flip Flip Flo: She doesn't walk every day but the days she walks she has rubber flip flops that always match her dress and she wears flip flops 12 months of the year. 

15. Stairmister: Walks several fast laps around the upper mall ending his walk with 10 or 15 minutes going up and down the same staircase every day IN THE WAY.

Last but not least what nickname would I give us if I was an avid watcher of us.

16: Couple walks, talks and drinks coffee at the same time.Yep we take our mug of coffee every morning.



If you look closely, you'll see my selfie too

If you look closely, you'll see my selfie too


  1. I will totally name people too. I sometimes feel bad about it!
    As a behaviour analyst I spend my whole work life analyzing people's behaviour so sometimes when I am out, I purposely don't watch people because I have watched enough for the day!

  2. We would get along splendidly because we surely do the same thing. If the hubby and I were to come walking with you 2, then we'd be a group of OWoP.

    Love the nicknames. Great ones for the descriptions you gave. The redneck is horrible with names, so you have to describe people to him.

  3. haaaaaaaaaaa, I realllllly enjoyed this post, and the smiles it gave me,,,, Most of my old riding buds live several miles away and with life being full of ups and downs, we don't get much together time. hopefully next year I'll be retiring and maybe just maybe I'll do some mall walking, although, most of the malls anywhere near me just don't cut it. Plus I'm an EARLY BIRD, i mean really early, I doubt the mall is open or no one is about to watch... I do my share of watching though...........
    Have a really great day/walk....

  4. Hari OM
    Heheheh, it is always interesting to observe the mass of humanity!!! YAM xx

  5. Your post takes me back to the days when I worked afternoons, and The Hubby and I would mall-walk three times a week, for an hour (which was four laps). We were the youngest walkers, and the retired folk and seniors always commented on that! It was a community of sorts.

  6. Walking in flip flops... just no, says my BIL the chiropractor... :)
    Love your observations of peeps and their nicknames. We have nicknames for most everyBODY, especially neighbors but I can't say them here.

  7. People watching is great fun!
    I'm envious of your J Crew window designer, I keep having a peek at our J Crew on Regent Street thinking it should be interesting but its not a patch on yours! More photos please

  8. C

    hope your mall stays open.....for the economic side of it, as well as for the walkers; far too many are shutting up shop and being redeveloped into something
    completely different...kinda sad :(

  9. You are cracking our Mom up. Super fun post. Does the flip flop lady make clickety clack noises with her flip flops? BOL.

    Woos - Misty and Lightning

  10. We have found since retiring that their seems to be "senior" time at some places. Come winter Mall walking might be something for us to get out and do and it will be fun to observe the people

  11. I wish our mall was big enough to walk in...but it sure has some interesting people watching! I am a fellow OWoP! :-)

  12. What a hoot......have always been fascinated by the mall walking bunch - the Fitness Director at our gym says it's a GREAT way to get exercise "in comfort" and he's right - if we had a mall near us we'd be there too! Our "mall walker names" would be "SLOW OLDIES"......HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Love, Pam

  13. I neglected to add this blog to my feedly, just did it now. I read through all the ones I have missed and chose this to comment on because it is my favorite. we name people like you do. at the YMCA we have croc man, he wears yellow crocs, fancy pants, she wears brilliant prints in stretch leggings, I fully understand your descriptions.
    the thing is people think I wear the same thing at the Y. I have 3 black t shirts and 3 black pants. also I wear the same thing, blue and white all week because I put it on for 5 minute ride over my bathing suit, wear it home for 10 minutes for total of 15 minutes per day. I wash our clothes on week end....


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