Saturday, June 17, 2017

Cats, hats and thank yous

In case you didn't know, I have been a crazy cat lady for almost 30 years.
Milky-way lived with us for 14 1/2 years.  He taught us so much with his quiet presence
and easy going purrsonality.
Madi has been with us 15 years, she has no clue she is a Senior cat.  Still acts like a kitten and is the joy of our lives.  She is very opinionated and sometime judgmental.
This is the exact pose she struck when she saw.......


I am not a hat person; however, due to an upcoming trip I decided 
I better have a hat.  The temps in one place can reach 100+ but 
they say there is no humidity.  Wonder where we are going?
Last week I bought 2 hats and returned 2 hats.
I was surprised at the price ranges on hats.

Both made me look like a crazed cat lady.  The brims were too wide and not flexible.  It needed to be pack able.

Finally I found the purrfect hat a Stein Mart.
Yay Stein Mart.  I used to be a faithful customer when I worked.
I also had a Stein Mart frequent shopper card.
They have very nice work clothes at great prices.  I don't think
I've set foot in the store since I retired 4/1/11.
I will return.  This hat was 19.99.  They were having a 12 hour 
sale, it was 25% off.  The cashier asked if I had a frequent shopper card.  I said I did but not with me.  She asked for my phone number
woohoo.  I was still in their system.  Got another 20% off.
I paid $12.84 for this hat.  I love it and might actually wear it a lot.
Sunglasses were courtesy of PiZap.


Next up is a follow up to our 2nd post  Out of the mouths of babes
It featured a darling little stuffed bear with cookies in it.
I sent this to my sweet little friend Miss A for her birthday.
I still cackle when I recall Miss A's comment when she saw the bear:

Look Mom a bear who poops cookies.

if you missed it click here

In this day and age of fast paced lives and technology it warms my my heart that young
children are still being taught to write thank you notes.
I say kudos to Avery for writing the note and double kudos to her mom for teaching 
her how important it is to say 


  1. Hari OM
    That's a great hat and getting double discount bargain makes it all the prettier!!! The card is that of which treasure is made... YAM xx

  2. Love the hat. So glad the art of trunk you cards hasn't been lost. Our niece turned 3 last week and in tradition I gave her an antique book. When she opened it she said "only a book?" She has some manners to learn.

  3. I love a good bargain!! Sweet card

  4. Great shopping and the hat looks great. Mom can't wear hats at all. Her curly hair poofs up her big head even more and the hats never fit right. Enjoy that trip - is flat Madi going too?

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  5. Love your hat! It looks wonderful on you☺

  6. Love your hat! Pizap's glasses are all hilarious but these are one of my faves too! I thought that little cookie bear was adorable too and obviously it was a BIG HIT with Avery - it's a very sweet thank you note.....things like that always make me teary - the sweet little handwriting and knowing that you "touched" someone.

    Love, Pam

  7. I love that hat and you look great wearing it! I look ridiculous in hats so I stick to visors. I would love to wear a baseball cap but, uh nope. Sweet thank you! So excited for you and your vacation!

  8. Great deal on the hat. Gotta love a bargain.
    The card is just too precious. Good for her Mom.

  9. I purchased a fabric (ripstop-like) hat with a wide brim, an adjustable chin strap, netting for breathability, with an extra band to make it tighter on the noggin. It's Columbia brand, but I got it on sale a couple of years ago, and it smashes down for easy packing. I never thought I'd use that chin strap, but when in a boat on the Potomac I snugged it down and was very happy...looking silly nonetheless. Glad that you found your optimal hat too!

  10. I used to have a hat like that! I wonder if I still do lol! I hope the heat wave moves out quickly and you have a wonderful time!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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