Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thursday dog Tale: #1

Dachshund: translated Badger Dog

Our first family pet was a mighty mini Dachshund. His name was Toto; there was a twist though, he had 9 lives like a cat. He lived with us from 1974 to 1984.  Our daughter was and still is a huge Wizard of Oz fan. We knew whatever bred we got the name would be Toto, boy or girl. Ironically, he was born in Kansas  It was love at first sight for both of them. He was a warrior no matter the size he would charge dogs, horses you name it.  But he was petrified of brooms and my Daddy or maybe it was the cap Daddy wore.  So strange. Anytime my Daddy enter the house Toto would roll over on his back, legs in the air and pee would start flowing in the air.  

Expect more Tales of Toto here.  I have plenty!!

Toto loved us all equally and was very generous with his time

 Just looking at this picture would be enough for anyone to see Toto charged into life head first, lived his life with gusto and without regrets 
Below the picture is just one of many of his grand adventures.
These stories will be in no particular order...just as I remember them. He had the heart of a Great Dane in a dachshund body. His favorite dog food was Mighty Dog. He lived the life of a Mighty Dog too. Once we were on our way out of town to the beach. Toto and our daughter were in the back seat (this was long long before there were dog restraints). He was in her lap sniffing the air, through what we thought, was a small crack in the window. We were in the middle of the city at a stop light. On the left side of the car there was a park (thankfully by the curb). Toto spotted a squirrel running in the park. In a flash his badger hunting genes kicked in, he wiggled out of our daughter's arms. By the time I realized what was happening, the time the tip of his tail cleared the window. We were all in a momentary state of total shock. He should not have been able to move after jumping out of a car window onto concrete 3' below. He landed on his feet like a cat. He was off in a flash chasing a squirrel across the park. The next instant I was out of the car telling my husband to meet me on the other side of the park. I took off like a banshee running after that squirrel crazed dog. I really and truly did not think I would catch him before the reached the other side of the park and the busy street. About midway through the park, Toto stopped in his tracks. I expect the squirrel scurried up a tree to get away from Mighty Dog. Toto saw me approaching, stood perfectly still waiting for me. I bent down to pick up 10 lbs of pure dog, gave him a stern 'don't ever do that again' talk and a big hug. He was so pleased with himself. He was wagging that tail so hard his entire body was moving. The look on his face said,"Mom did you see me? Did you know I could jump that far and run that fast?" Often when he slept he would involuntarily move in his sleep. I'm sure he was reliving his first and last great escape. The sign of a great pet is when you are still telling stories and laughing 34 years after he is gone.  

Saturday, June 24, 2017

English is hard too many words mean too many things

I am still far away from but just had to share this wild story while it is fresh in 
My Mind's Eye?
Since we arrived in the mile high city, aka Denver, Colorado, my sinuses have been crazy, dried out and bleeding.  I think it was flying and the high altitude here.  
There is not a drug store near here.  After lunch in Silverton,  which has one paved streets, I asked the. waitress, who spoke perfect English, if there was a drug store in town.  I need some saline spray.  She looked at me funny.   I said you know for Advil and aspirin and such.  She said oh yes 2 blocks on the right.  I knew it would not be a chain store so I was just looking at each store.  I saw a white flag w a green cross, similar to a Red Cross flag, hanging over a door.  It was two blocks on the right.  I walk in the guy asked if he could help me. I said yes I need some saline spray.  He said I only sale marijuana in here. 😱🙀 I said that won't help me and I nearly tripped over my feet getting out of there. My husband was waiting outside he asked if I got any.  I said no they only sale marijuana in there.  I think the look on his face was probably the same look I had on mine when that guy said that to me.  Stunned. As we left, I noticed under the flag it read 21+. Stores have odd names now... I thought that was the store name. So we start walking back down the street I saw a bakery shop I went in asked a gal in her early 50's  if there was a drug store in town I needed saline spray. Absolutely she said it is just up the street on the left it is called The Lookout they sale hiking and camping supplies and toiletries. I told her my waitress sent me to a marijuana store. She nearly fell over laughing as did the other workers.  Off I go to The lookout they had 2 bottles of saline spray.  I told that woman my story she also got a good huge chuckle out of it.  Said it was the funniest story she had heard this season.  So at 68 1/2 I can say I have been in a pot store!  Colorado recently made selling pot legal.
Evidently pharmacy would have been a better choice of words in Colorado.  
This was cut and pasted from an email I sent to my daughter hopefully no typos.

Our vacation has been wonderful.  2 more nights.

Moral of this story beware of white flags w green crosses.
Until we meet again.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Cats, hats and thank yous

In case you didn't know, I have been a crazy cat lady for almost 30 years.
Milky-way lived with us for 14 1/2 years.  He taught us so much with his quiet presence
and easy going purrsonality.
Madi has been with us 15 years, she has no clue she is a Senior cat.  Still acts like a kitten and is the joy of our lives.  She is very opinionated and sometime judgmental.
This is the exact pose she struck when she saw.......


I am not a hat person; however, due to an upcoming trip I decided 
I better have a hat.  The temps in one place can reach 100+ but 
they say there is no humidity.  Wonder where we are going?
Last week I bought 2 hats and returned 2 hats.
I was surprised at the price ranges on hats.

Both made me look like a crazed cat lady.  The brims were too wide and not flexible.  It needed to be pack able.

Finally I found the purrfect hat a Stein Mart.
Yay Stein Mart.  I used to be a faithful customer when I worked.
I also had a Stein Mart frequent shopper card.
They have very nice work clothes at great prices.  I don't think
I've set foot in the store since I retired 4/1/11.
I will return.  This hat was 19.99.  They were having a 12 hour 
sale, it was 25% off.  The cashier asked if I had a frequent shopper card.  I said I did but not with me.  She asked for my phone number
woohoo.  I was still in their system.  Got another 20% off.
I paid $12.84 for this hat.  I love it and might actually wear it a lot.
Sunglasses were courtesy of PiZap.


Next up is a follow up to our 2nd post  Out of the mouths of babes
It featured a darling little stuffed bear with cookies in it.
I sent this to my sweet little friend Miss A for her birthday.
I still cackle when I recall Miss A's comment when she saw the bear:

Look Mom a bear who poops cookies.

if you missed it click here

In this day and age of fast paced lives and technology it warms my my heart that young
children are still being taught to write thank you notes.
I say kudos to Avery for writing the note and double kudos to her mom for teaching 
her how important it is to say 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I'm an.....OWoP

I have several pictures of J. Crew's latest window dressings

Their window dresser is quite cre8tive.

obsessive watcher of people 
peo·ple-watch·ing noun the action or practice of spending time idly observing people in a public place.

No matter where I go, what I'm doing or who I am with my mind's eye is always on the prowl.
However, I try not to get caught staring and for sure I am not a stalker. I just find people interesting.
We walk at the mall five mornings a week.

I have become an avid observer of mall walkers. We are a motley bunch folks from all walks of life brought together each day between 7 am and 10 am striving for fitness. There is a mall walker's meeting once a month (as of this writing we NEVER plan to attend).

Today I'd like to tell you about my observations.

Mall Traffic:
All mall walkers have their own distinct style of walking and predetermined route. On any given day, there could be 20 or 30 folks traipsing around both levels of the mall. For this reason, we feel that mall walkers should observe laws of the road.. always walk to the right. However, we have found there are rebel mall walkers who joy in walking the wrong way. *They walk the width of an aisle often they stop smack dab in the middle of the aisle to talk about a window display. This behavior messes up the ebb and flow of foot traffic. Over the months we have learned to avoid these groups.

Several days a week we see one particular non mall walker, come into the mall with either a used Panera ice tea cup or coffee cup. Panera's policy is free refills while in the Cafe only. It is not a free for life refill policy. She sneaks in the back door of Panera with her cups gets her refill then leaves. That is just naughty!!

We have tagged many of the walkers with 'nicknames' due to their style of walk or habits.

1. Hoodie lady, she has more tops with hoods than I've ever seen in my life and in all colors. She must own stock at Old Navy.

2. Non neighbor: Numerous times we see driving up our street as we were pulling out or in the yard. Once we had an opportunity to speak to him.  Mentioned we didn't know he lived near us. He asked where we told him what street. He said he that street was not familiar to him. LOL
I guess he doesn't have a clue what street he travels multiple times a week.

3. Wild arm man, as he walks he swings his right arm so hard it goes up to his head as if to salute all the while his left arm behaves.

4. Mad hatter always carries his hat in his hand swinging it maddly. We wonder why he doesn't leave it in the car.

5. Preppie lady, she always has a sweater tied around her shoulders...never wears it

6. Newspaper man, he and his wife walk together but he reads the newspaper while walking. She is about 2 steps behind him. When he finishes with a section of the paper, he briskly tosses it back to her. Often she walks pushing a Sears cart and she'll put the paper in the cart. The news is heavy but REALLY is a cart necessary? LOL

7. First Sargent he always walks down the middle of the mall, very tall and straight as if in formation.

8. Geisha lady, she walks very fast but takes very tiny steps.

9. Odd Couple, she has ankle weights and carries hand weights in each hand. She walks ahead of him. They usually coordinate the color of their tops.

10. *Moving Road block, their group consists of 3 to 5 and sometimes 6 females. They insist on walking together, they walk abreast slowly, stop on a whim to talk or look at a window and generally cause road blocks.

11. Celebrity Gal: She walks inside the mall with sunglasses on and a ball cap. A young man walks with her but they don't talk. We suppose he is her body guard. We hope to get a peep at her one day.

12. The Biker Dudes: None are younger that 65, they ride their bikes to the mall everyday, park their bikes inside under the stairs while having a bagel. We're just plain envious of them to be riding bikes some distances at their ages. Way to Go Biker Dudes

13. Same clothes Sally: She walks 3 or 4 days a week. She wears the same clothes every day or either she has lots of identical  Surely they need to be washed by now.
14. Flip Flip Flo: She doesn't walk every day but the days she walks she has rubber flip flops that always match her dress and she wears flip flops 12 months of the year. 

15. Stairmister: Walks several fast laps around the upper mall ending his walk with 10 or 15 minutes going up and down the same staircase every day IN THE WAY.

Last but not least what nickname would I give us if I was an avid watcher of us.

16: Couple walks, talks and drinks coffee at the same time.Yep we take our mug of coffee every morning.



If you look closely, you'll see my selfie too

If you look closely, you'll see my selfie too

Thursday, June 8, 2017

A gander at geese

Dai$y and Tuna
Burd alert 

Introducing  goslings
George, Gwen, Gigi and Geoff
Canada Geese are very attentive parents.
Always one behind the babes and one with the babes....and always
honking at them I can just imagine what I'd be saying if I had quadruplets out for
a walk and of course the kids doing what all kids do pickin' on each other.

 They are adorable and so fuzzy...
we see this family every morning when we are walking a Crabtree Valley

Monday, June 5, 2017

Out of the mouths of Babes

I don't have any grandchildren but I do have five very special children in my life.
Three in Arkansas and two in Raleigh.
All five children belong to former graduate students I met while I was working at N. C. State University.  I always send these five children birthday gifts.
In April, my young friend Miss A had a birthday.  I wanted to send her something different.
She has a very special doll named Sunshine.  Sunshine has been repaired numerous times by Miss A's mom.  Knowing Miss A loves dolls and stuffies, I decided to send her this adorable Teddy Bear stuffed with cookies.  The bear has a Velcro closer on his back.

The packages was scheduled to arrive on one of the days we were having monsoons.  I was worried it would get soaked.  Miss A's  mom sent me an email letting me know the package arrived safely and dry. We were both stunned to see that United Parcel Service aka UPS put the package in a plastic bag to keep it dry.  WTG UPS

So the funny thing was Miss A's  reaction when she saw the bear...the first words our of her mouth were,
"Look mom a bear that poops cookies"!!!

I just love the honesty of children...I thought it was hilarious!!

Miss A's mom is very special to me.  I met her when she came to NCSU at age 18.  She was a student helper in the physics department.  To date, I have known her over 1/2 her life.
She always takes the time to meet me for lunch every few  months!!  She is a wife, mom to two children and 2 dogs and is a CPA.  Add to all this she has a very successful Esty shop.  Did I mention she is very organized?!

Click here to visit Carolina Cookie's Website

Friday, June 2, 2017

My name is....

Early in life I realized my name, Cecilia, was different. Actually it was kind of hard for me and all I met to pronounce and spell. Eventually I conquered it but others did not.
All 12 years of school I had a friend  whose name was Celia.
Many years we were in the same class. The teachers called us both Celia.
I tried to correct them a few times but being shy (yes I WAS shy but not any more) I finally gave up.
 I answered to Celia. 
My entire life I have had to defend the spelling and pronunciation of my name, Cecilia not Celia.
 I was also called Cynthia and Celeste.
In junior high school, I came out of my shell.  I was no longer going to answer to anything I was called
I started saying my name is
CECILIA and it is spelled with 2 i's not 2 e's
  I once worked with an older man who called me Petunia.  He said it was easier to remember than Cecilia.
Years ago, I worked with a woman who was a bit of a know it all. Once she was in charge of setting 
up a pretty important meeting.  She sent out emails to all administrative assistants asking them to
send her our boss's schedules.  About mid afternoon I received a rather snippy phone call from her
asking why I had not replied.  I told her I had not received an email.  I suggested per chance she had my address wrong.  She repeated it.  I said yes that is the correct email address, but I bet you misspelled my name.  She assured me she knew how to spell it....Cecelia.
I said no that is not correct. She actually debated with me on the spelling of my name.
In a bit of a huff she agreed to send it again as she said, 'the way YOU spell it. 
I received it immediately and I also had to chuckle.
Though the years Cecilia has become quite a common name.  In the late 1960's Simon and Garfunkel wrote a song about Cecilia.  I often see the name in novels, TV shows and now in my very favorite
Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn.
  I guess Cecilia is no longer an oddity.

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