Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Snippets from the road

Welcome to my 2nd blog...this one will be bits and pieces of things I see that I like and in 
some cases the photos have reminded me of crazy or fun things that I will, OF COURSE, share.
My first blog is shared with my sweet kitty Madi.  

You can find that blog by clicking

May 26, 2017 we took a trip to Creedmoor, NC on highway 50 about 25 minutes from home.
During the trip Gracie, our 2014 Toyota, Highland's odometer rolled over to 
20,000 miles.  We have had Gracie 3 years mid June....
Do I hear laughter? Yep we don't drive much and as you can see we obey the
speed limit too!!

Years ago it was strictly rural farm land full of live stock, fields of tobacco.  Our  area is not really know as 'horse country'.  However not very long ago
there were horses everywhere. Now most of the land is being developed.  

I really love old barns...oh the stories they could tell.
My great uncle was a chicken and tobacco farmer and he had live stock.
This city girl actually milked a cow....ONE time!
It was fun for me...I don't know about the cow.
This almost looks like it could have been a one room home at some point.
One hot summer day way back in the late 1950's I recall a trip
to the farm.  I think the worst smell in the world is a chicken house in July
We were on the road so I didn't get a clear view but I think the building on the left
in the below photo is a chicken house.  They are long and low
with huge fans at each end.
On one visit I pretended to help them hand tobacco.  The barn
below is an old tobacco barn.  If you could see inside, 
you would see racks that tobacco hung from once it was tied


  1. I love your barn photos! I like to collect old house photos. They totally mesmerize me. I only like the wooden houses and it is best if there is no paint left on it. If any curtain remnants remain it is a jackpot of a photo for me. I found it interesting that on your description you began talking about you and B-cat and the rest was about the Diva lol! Our lives are wrapped around them aren't they? So proud to be your first comment!


  2. I love this I love old Barns and old houses and I've seen many of the old tobacco Barns and the chickens coops with the fans they're all apart of my past. I love anything that is from the past the older the better because it's in my memories. My lips are sealed and I won't tell Maddie that you have your own blog

  3. What beautiful old architecture!!! Like NC, I love taking pictures of old and/or run down building and wondering what kind of stories it's live through!

    I can't wait to read more!

  4. Always love been taken on a tour round the interesting corners of your country.
    BEst of luck with the new blog!
    Cheers, Gail.

  5. Love the old houses and barns....I used to do pen/ink drawings of them because I love the LOOK of old wood and even of sagging old structures! Anyway, glad you have a blog of your very own to share thoughts, photos, that last photo - beautiful.

    Hugs, Pam

  6. I love old barns too! I won't say how many miles I have on my 5 year old car . . . . :)

  7. Love old barns and I used to love taking pictures of them. There used to be a barn challenge called Charming Barns and I loved to do it every week but the host stopped doing it. This will be fun for you to put down your thoughts and pictures and share them! We have low miles on Casper... he is a garage King :) You can really play with your editing skills here!

  8. Oh those barns look so interesting, wonder what stories they could tell

  9. Those are really neat fish on the outside of that building.
    I like all of your pictures.

  10. Those are some very pretty country pics. I've never milked a cow but once as a kid I got licked by one. They have big tongues.

  11. madi... pleez ta tell mom her new blog iz awesum; we iz tryin ta follow N we iz FORBIDDEN...and de werd waz even BIGGER than that.....we promize knot ta dizz burd...over heer ~ may bee !!! ♥♥♥ can ya guess which fotoz we like de best !!!

  12. Congratulations on the new blog! Arkansas has a lot of chicken farms with the fans blowing. I think Tyson owns most of them. I don't think that I'd make a very good farmer. ☺

  13. Great new blog! I enjoyed your photos. There are some old dilapitated tobacco barns about 30 minutes from where we live.

  14. Nice pictures of the old barns!

  15. I have ALWAYS loved old barns, too! One of things I always do on road trips is watch the barns.

  16. The new blog is fantastic. Love all the pictures especially of the old barns. One of my favorite things is old barns. They bring back so many memories.


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