Thursday, March 15, 2018

Favorite Photos #2

I'm am by no means a photographer 
My Mind's Eye sees such beauty.  I'm fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.
Over the last 8 1/2 years these have all been posted on Madi and Mom Down Home In NC
I thought it would nice to have them in one location.  I'll be posting them once a week
We thank our good buddy Beth over at 
Through my looking glass 
for the idea.

Snowy Egret sighting
Blair Farm Parkway
Morehead City, NC
May 16, 2015

White Ibis Sighting
Blair Farms
Morehead City, NC
May 16, 2015

 First Year White Ibis changing into White Plumage
I feel extremely fortunate to have seen this beautiful creature.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Favorite photos from over the years #1

I'm am by no means a photographer 
My Mind's Eye sees such beauty.  I'm fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.
Over the last 8 1/2 years these have all been posted on Madi and Mom Down Home In NC
I thought it would nice to have them in one location.  I'll be posting them once a week
We thank our good buddy Beth over at 
for the idea.

Heron practicing yoga on one leg
Taken in 2011 at Lake Raleigh
Centennial Campus
N. C. State University

This is straight out of the camera just cropped it for a closer view.  We watched it until it took off
across the lake

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I love a D E A L

Wednesday is my errand day.  I keep a list all week.

Today's list was sending me to Bed Bath and Beyond first.  Off I went with a fist full of
20% Bed Bath and Beyond coupons.
I need new rugs for in front of the sink and the refrigerator. Unfortunately they didn't have any rugs without designs or critters on them.  Any design or critter on them totally blows Madi's mind.
I wish I knew what she sees in her head but whatever it is it is scary. 
The trip was not wasted I found some bath towels, 5.99, hand towels, 3.99  and wash rags 2.99
 half price and I was able to use a 20% coupon on each item.  WooHoo  

Next stop was J C Penney's. 
Hubby needed some new V neck tee shirts.  They were buy one pack get the other 1/2 price.
I scooped them right up.  JCP carries my favorite brand of pocketbook, Relic.
Relic has one style that they make year after year.  This means when I transfer
from old to new there is not learning curve on where all my 'stuff' is in the new
pocketbook. I don't like organizing a new style pocketbook.
Oh my lucky day another deal.  Relic pocketbooks were 40% off if you spent over $40.00 or over. Relics are by no means the most expensive pocketbooks.  I usually pay about 55.00.  They are well made and always in style.  I can use them for several years. I was pretty sure with the
Tee shirts and the new pocketbook I'd spend over 40.  I found the perfect pocketbook but decided to look around one more time.  I found another one on sale for 24.90.
You might have heard me squeal with delight. I bought two pocketbooks for the price of one.

This black one was 24.90.  It is more than likely from last fall
but that doesn't bother me one bit.  I will use it now up until
warm weather and again this fall.  I love all the colorful dots on it.
 This style pocketbook puts everything at
my finger tips.  House keeps in the outside pocket.
Lots of room and little compartments on the inside too.
I Smartphone fits snugly in one of them too.

This will be my spring and summer pocketbook.
And in case you have not already figured it out I love bright colors.

In My Mind's Eye I see several of you scratching your head over my use of the word Pocketbook.
It might be a Southern thing.
No matter what you call them...
Pocketbooks, purses or handbags....they all serve the same purpose to carry stuff we ladies think we need.
While we are talking about word usage
I have lunch at noon and supper in the evening.
I've never really understood what time of day dinner is served.

I'll see you the next time My Mind's Eye traps something in my brain that I feel a need to

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Forty-Eight (48) years of Happy!!!

In my mind's eye I can still picture the beautiful day
February 14, 1970.  It was unseasonably warm in the high 50's.
Today my husband and I celebrate 48 years of being happily married.
Yes we were married on Valentine's Day; however, it was not our first choice of dates. 

February 14, 1970
4:00 pm
Tabernacle Baptist Church,
Raleigh, North Carolina

So here is the rest of the story on how we came to be married on Valentine's Day.
I will present it in a time line:
Key words here:  1968-1971 husband to be aka HTB was a Marine Reservist
the drills were once a month, every month on the weekends, all day Saturday and Sunday.  They were rarely in Raleigh and almost 100% of the time in a remote area that took hours to drive to/from via bulky military vehicles.

1. Saturday, August 9, 1969: Engaged, we immediately decided on a February 1970  wedding.
2. Monday, August 11, 1969 HTB started trying to get information from Marines on the date for the February 1970 reserve meeting.

REMINDER: 1969 no cell phones, no email, no tweets.  Only mode of communication was snail mail or a rotary or push button phone and no phone back then had built in voice mail.  If no one answered the phone, you had to keep calling back.  I lived in the dark ages.

3. For the next 3 months, at each weekend meeting, HTB try to get a date for February 1970 meeting.
Powers that be had no clue or so they said...weekend drills required lots of planning so we were pretty sure they knew but just WEREN'T sharing the info.

4.  No worries I HAD MY WEDDING
DRESS. I actually found the dress of my dreams in the store No ordering.  I did have to order all the bridesmaid's dresses but that was done through the same store. I was set.  Men's tux's no problem either.

5.  Finally in November we selected **February 7, 1970, 2PM for our wedding.  Reserved our church, reception hall, baker, caterer, florist.  We had selected our invitations by late November.

6. By the first week of December, our guest lists were completed.  The order form to be sent to the printer for invitation selections was ready to be snail mailed to printer.  HTB knew this. He was late getting back from December meeting so he could not call me until Monday. I don't recall now what was going on, probably some type of appointment, but left home earlier than usual Monday morning.  I missed his call.  I expect he was getting frantic thinking I was at the post office.   I returned to work to find a message from him.  GUESS WHAT Marines finally told him in December that the February 1970 weekend meeting would be **FEBRUARY 7.  Needless to say, I didn't  mail the package to the printer.  I had to call church, reception hall, baker, florist and caterer to see what Saturday in February they all had available.  Everyone was available on February 14th...except our Church and reception hall.  There was another wedding at 2 pm at our church. We changee our time to 4pm.   Good news was the couple getting married at 2 pm had their reception planned at another venue.
Wonder how many people can say the  U.S. Marine Corps helped select their wedding date.  
Now a days it takes a year or more to plan a wedding.  Even with all the excellent modes of communication today, a change like this would push the wedding back and cause many tears to fall.  Different times for sure.

There were no hiccups on our wedding day.  The ceremony and reception were perfectly timed.  There were just the few hiccups as mentioned above.  Plus my flowers of choice, red and white carnations, had to be ordered from a green house several hundred miles away and  were the most costly item for our wedding.  Another sign of the times.  Now you can buy any flower you want anytime. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Who Remembers......Peanuts and Burgers

In My Mind's Eye, I can vividly the person dressed up like Mr. Peanut standing in front of the Planter's Peanut Store on Wilmington Street.  Mr. Peanut waved at all the cars as they passed. Sometimes he'd kind of bow and use his cane to motion for folks to pull in the parking lot.   As a child, it delighted me to see the huge Mr. Peanut sign as we approached from several miles back.
My mind's eye tells me the sign might have had lights too but I can't confirm that.
Now a days signs this tall are not allowed.

He is 118 years old.  The company was founded in 1900.
Here are a few of the 'looks' over the years.
No matter  how he was dressed Mr. Peanut always was dressed to the nine's
in his top hat, cane and *Spats and Monocle* definitions below for you young'uns

*A monocle is a type of corrective lens used to correct or enhance the vision in only one eye. It consists of a circular lens, generally with a wire ring around the circumference that can be attached to a string or wire.

*Spats a short cloth gaiter covering the instep and ankle a cover for the upper part of an aircraft wheel.

My Daddy loved all kinds nuts, but peanuts were his favorite,  he called them goobers.
Daddy was 100% southern he put peanuts in his bottle of Coca Cola.
He loved the sweet and salty taste

Daddy also loved the assorted package of chocolate Planter's products

Back in the mid 1960's they did not have 'product mobiles' for advertising

ON this same street about 2 block away lived  another icon of times gone by, but very vivid in my mind's eye. Another huge sign and yes this was was neon and had lots of red....
 Around our area they were called Shoney's Big Boy restaurants
The had the very best
Big Boy Double-Decker Hamburger Classic. Menu Description: "1/4 pound of 100% pure beef in two patties with American cheese, crisp lettuce and our special sauce on a sesame seed bun."
The  special sauce that was similar to 1000 Island dressing and oh the strawberry pie.
I recall having many good times and meals at Shoney's

 I took this photo of the Big Boy while on vacation in 2016.  It was called
Frick's Big Boy

So dear friends do any of you have any memorable icons in your Mind's Eye?
If so, feel free to share them.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

What I said what he heard

In My Mind's Eye.....
I will never forget all the wonderful memories and students I met while working at N C State University for 25 years.
In 1969 my the first department I worked in was Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.
There was a delightful young man from India.  His name was Jeelani.
What a true joy and pleasure it was to know him.  Each morning he would come by to say hello and we'd talk.  He had a beautiful British accent which I loved hearing and he liked my Southern accent.  He, like all the international students I met over the years, was eager to learn all the things about North Carolina that he could.
Here is a cliff note version of our conversation...and yes remember it all these years later.  It was most memorable:

Jeelani: Could you please recommend an extra curricular activity that is 100% all about North Carolina. 
Me: Absolutely there is a Shagging class starting next week at the Student Union, 
Jeelani: (with a most confused and horrified look on his face) they have Shagging classes on campus
Me: Yes but you will need a partner
Jeelani: A partner??? are you serious?
Me:  Finally I took notice of the horrified look on his face and said oh if you don't have a partner or if you don't like to dance, we can find something else for you to do.
Jeelani: All of a sudden a look of calm and peace came over his face...Shagging means Dancing here?
Me: Yes what does it mean where you come from? 
Jeelani: Well I don't mean to talk about this in mixed company but Shagging  is a slang for an intimate relationship between a man and a woman.
Me: Now I'm the one with the horrified look on my face.  This was the first time in all my 21 year I ever knew there was another definition for Shagging.

Jeelani spoke the Queen's English....I spoke Southern English similar but totally different.
I can truly say over the years I learned more from all the wonderful students than they ever learned from me.

Now for your viewing pleasure here is a short video of a shagging demonstration by 
Champion Shaggers

The below video is of the singing group Alabama, lead by Randy Owens singing 
Alabama's signature song.

Here are a few verses of the song.  All of the places/ bands mentioned in the song were real.
Myrtle Beach was the spot to be in the 1960s!!

Well the Magic Attic's where the music rolls
And the Army-Navy's got ol Jackie Soul
Down on Peaches Corner there are Good Ol'Boys
and Mother Fletcher's makin' lots of noise 
They're dancin' shaggin' on the boulevard
Well the Tams are playin at the Port-o-Call
And the Drifters underneath the Boardwalk
At the Spanish Galleon and Ol' Fat Jacks
Jukebox playin' and the place is packed
You bet they're dancin' shaggin' on the boulevard

Got the top down and the traffic's slow
Sun fun week and we all go
Where the girls are sunnin' and a lookin' good
I never met them but I wish I could
The Embers singin' up on Ocean Drive
And the Castaways are getting loud tonight
At the Electric Circus they all gettin' down
And the Carousels spinnin' 'round and round
See them dancin' Shaggin' on the boulevard...

Monday, December 18, 2017

In My Mind's Eye I will never forget ....

 Our daughter's First Real Christmas

Technically this is her 2nd Christmas; however, since she was only 4 months
old on her first Christmas we call this her First Real Christmas.
December 25 1972.
This picture is engraved in my mind forever. As you can see by this picture,
she was very surprised. Truly Christmas through the eyes of a child.
The next picture is what she was looking at that had her so excited
Note we had the Christmas Tree in her playpen to keep the inquisitive
hands of a 16 month old safe.
As always I thank you for stopping by to see me today.

Favorite Photos #2

I'm am by no means a photographer  My Mind's Eye sees such beauty.  I'm fortunate to be in the right place at the right time....