Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Please have a muffis

This morning when I opened the fridge, My Mind's Eye saw a need for muffis...
family joke.  Once I sent my daughter an email to tell her I would make fresh muffins (except I left out the n)  for breakfast when they visited.
She replied, I don't think I've ever had a fresh MUFFIS, what flavor.
So Now we call them Muffis.
WE had lots of fresh blueberries that needed to be used.
I have a basic muffis/muffin recipe with directions for several flavors.
Recipes says it makes 6 muffis
I was tickled pink when I actually had enough batter for 6 muffis and 4 scones
(Of course I had to taste one of the scones)

In case you haven't figured it out, my daughter is FUNNY, Dry witted (like her Dad) Observant!
 Nothing gets by her!!
We love that young lady and our son in law!!.
While we are talking about them,
I'd like to wish she and her husband a very very very 
20th anniversary!!!!

Basic Muffi(n)s recipe

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Baseboards....Two questions

Do you love'em,  hate'em or ignore'em? 
Mostly I ignore mine. 
All the baseboards in the house are this creamy tan color except for
the kitchen/dining room (white) and the family room (stained dark wood).This creamy tan color does not
show dust or maybe My Mind's Eye chooses not to see the dust.

The kitchen/family room shows dust so they get cleaned often, with the
vacuum attachment.  This area has no furniture up against the baseboard so it is easy!
The family room is tricky with all the furniture it gets ignored just like the creamy tan.

How do you clean yours?
I have two tools that can tackle dusty hard to reach places.
The one on the right  has a swivel neck and rod extends.
It is excellent for ceiling fans. I have never used it for baseboards.

 The one on the left is specifically for baseboards. In fact is is called
baseboard buddy.  It has a little edge on it that fits perfectly over the top
of the baseboard.  Notice the indent just to the right of the words "wet the".
The rod extends so there is no stooping or squatting or crawling around on your hands and knees.
I've used it several times but here is a huge design flaw.
If you follow the instructions to "wet the cleaning pad ....." before using
and your baseboards are even a wee bit dusty some of the dust/debris sticks to your
wall and unless removed immediately with a wet towel, you have a dirty wall.

If I am to be 100% honest, I need to tell you, I don't dust the creamy tan baseboards often, as mentioned I mostly ignore'em.  However, yesterday I think I saw a dust bunny family running along one of them so it was time to dust.
This time I decided to used the ceiling fan duster.  Guess what!?
It worked beautifully. Slim enough to go behind furniture that was against the wall and
wide enough to pick up all the dust with one swift sweep.  No residue on the wall. I did have to stop
several times to take it outside to dispose of many many dust bunny babies.
But lickety split I was done in not time.
My Mind's Eye😆 and my nose suffered 😝from the dusty chore but it is done for another
month, year or two.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Cricket Caper

Today I was reading Cleo's, post here
and it reminded me of an actual event that happened in about 1972ish.
Weapon of choice: mason jar

The hunted: a cricket.  Yes I know they are harmless
BUT......I do not like bugs in my house.

Image result for image cricket

Let me set the scene for you.  I'm not sure of the month or time of year; however,
I do know it was probably late 1971 or very early 1972.  Why:  because my daughter was an infant and still on a very odd sleeping schedule.
She was fast asleep, finally.  I am a firm believer in the saying,
never wake up sleeping babies or dogs or cats.
It was the wee hours of the night, my head had just hit the pillow after getting her to sleep.
I was almost in dream land when I heard the dreaded extremely loud
chirp chirp chirp
and it was on the move and getting closer to the nursery.
'Old wives' used to say having a cricket in the house was good luck.  I was a young wife with a sleeping baby.  Being in my house was not gonna be lucky for him.

They JUMP and I mean really high. My plan was to capture it under the mason jar and leave the disposal of it to my hubby.  Finally, I spied the critter in the linen closet which was directly across from the nursery and the master bedroom. I got on my knees with the mason jar in one hand. I was eye ball to eyeball the critter. I bit my tongue to keep from squealing (I just knew it was gonna jump on me).  Just as I raised the mason jar to PLOP it over the jumped passed me into the hall (thankfully there was carpet all over). Now it is trying to get away and I'm hot in pursuit plop, plop, plopping the jar.  Little did I know the plopping had awakened my husband.  He was behind me trying not to laugh at me crawling around on the floor with a mason jar.  He made quick work of ending the cricket caper and thankfully our daughter never woke up.

*The bottom of a cricket wing is covered with teeth-like ridges that make it rough. The upper surface of the wing is like a scraper. When crickets rub the upper and lower parts of their wings together, they create a chirping sound called “stridulating." This is a mating ritual too.  I guess we put a damper on his romantic night.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


.....purses, handbags or whatever you call them.
The women in my family are obsessed with them.
There is nothing that makes us smile bigger than a new pocketbook.
This obsession is in our DNA. Annie Ma didn't have as many and my Mama, Daughter and I.
Annie Ma had a dark one for winter and a light one for summer both the same style.
In My Mind's Eye I remember it much like this one.

As I mentioned last week, Annie Ma was a strong lady.  If she had lived in 21st century she
be leading some kind of movement.  Miss Pearl (that is what my Daddy called her)
was a force to be reckoned with she was a penny pincer.   If she got something in her head, you might as well jump on board and ride with her.  Every Saturday Daddy would take her all over Raleigh to save a few pennies on something.  We lived with her for six and one half years.  She never drove so she did not understand that all that driving was not saving money but then the cost of gasoline did not come out of her pocketbook.
NO one and I mean NO one messed with Annie Ma's pocketbook.
It and its mystery contents were sacred to her.
One summer weekend Daddy went on a fishing trip with some buddies.  Mama, Annie Ma and I were on our own.  Luckily every thing we needed was just a few blocks away. My Mama did not learn to drive until she was almost 30.   We three ladies had a fine Saturday walk. I don't personally remember too much about this particular weekend; however, when we spoke of it, Mama told me we three walked to downtown Raleigh only a few blocks away. We  had an early supper the Capitol Room Cafeteria in Hudson Belk department store then bought a few groceries, then home and ready for bed.
Sometime shortly after lights out Annie Ma heard a noise coming from the living room.
Her bedroom was in the back of the house.  She grabbed her big broom as she passed through the kitchen on the way to the living room.  When she got into the living room she saw a shadow of a man rummaging through her pocketbook.  As I mentioned that was a no no big time, evidently she became momentarily possessed.  She started hollering and beating the man with the broom.  Mama ran in to see what was going on, Annie Ma told her to call the police.  We 3 were fine Annie Ma was madder than the proverbial WET hen dare he mess with her pocketbook.   When the  police arrived with a Bloodhound, they found a of blood leading out the front door through the alley at the side of the house. The Bloodhound had lots of scents to followed.    He found the man in the back yard from bleeding profusely several head wounds and they found a loaded gun on him.  Thankfully Annie Ma beat him so hard with the broom he never got it out.  Back then breaking into an occupied home with a weapon was punishable by life in prison, which he got.
Now the ironic thing about all this was about the time Annie Ma heard the noise in the house.
My Daddy's fishing buddies said he sat up in the bed and said something is wrong at home. I need to leave.  When Daddy turned the corner toward our house, he saw all the police presence. Everything was over by then.  WE all learned a valuable lesson about trusting your gut feeling and
the house rules about NOT MESSING with Annie Ma's pocketbook were reinforced too.

Until next we meet again thank you for stopping by today.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Back to the past

We are born without likes, dislikes, fears.  Our personalities are 
formed by family, friends and environments.

As I've mentioned many times, we lived with my maternal grandmother aka Annie Ma for the first 
6 years of my life.  She was truly an inspiration.
For the foreseeable future I'll be sharing things I either recall about Annie Ma.  She passed when I was 11. 
Below is a picture of Annie Ma and her husband, my maternal grandfather  Papa who died before I was born in 1949. I am not sure if the older grandchildren referred to him as Annie Pa.
My Mama always called him Papa.
I never met him; however, I do know from my Mama that he was a kind and loving
Dad.  My Mama's appendix ruptured when she was 16 (1944).  She had emergency surgery.
She told me she was bedridden for 2 weeks due to infection.  She told me Papa
served her steak and eggs in bed every morning until she was able to get around.
Mama was the baby of 7 so I expect she was a wee bit spoiled aka loved to bits too.
I'm also told Annie Ma was the 'strong' one in the relationship.   Of course you'd have to be strong to raise 7 children.  The first 3 born about 18 months after each other.  Then a 5 year gap before the next 2.  Annie Ma had the last two when she was 38 and 40.  When my Mama was born, the first 3 girls were in already in their 20's.

In my mind's eye, this is exactly how I remember Annie Ma
I'm told when they were married she has a waistline of 20"...I'm sure that was enhanced by a corset.
This is how she looked 7 children later in the mid 1940's. I hope this isn't TMI
but being comforted by her was the best.  Breastfeeding 7 children leaves one with
'girls' that can no longer be contained in a bra.  She walked around with permanent soft pillows.

Even though Annie Ma was born in 1888, she was ahead of her times.
For all of her life she was the only woman in the family with pierced ears.    At 25 years of age, I joined her by being only the 2nd woman in
the family with pierced ears. Then all of a sudden it became fashionable in the family.

As I studied this picture carefully, I finally realized my cousin  pictured below, looked exactly like Papa.... and he was kind and loving to everyone just like Papa.
Do you see the resemblance he has to Papa.
Exact same build and even looks.
His Mom, my favorite aunt, and my Mama were #'s 6 and 7 children in the family.
 He was the life of any family gathering, always called me on my birthday.
He loved to forward crazy emails.
All the forwarded emails ended with
"love you cuzz" to which I replied "LOL, love you too cuzz"
Every now and then I'd type a long email reply.  His wife always answered.
Finally she told me he could not type worth a lick.  Maybe I should call him.
I have many fond memories of him.    He was big brother I never had.
He passed in October of 73.  His passing was
very hard and unexpected.
He is missed.

to be continued

Sunday, July 22, 2018

This week....

...we leave the past to travel 
BACK to the very PRESENT.

We're retired..and thus are afforded the opportunity to
eat breakfast out every Tuesday and Friday.  Breakfast out is one of our favorite things to do.

Friday is always ALWAYS Panera Day.  
We always order 
 Orange Scones and toasted Asiago Bagels
I found their orange scone recipe; however, 
I have a love hate relationship with flour. 
 I love what you can bake with it.
I hate how messy I am when bake with it
Thus far I have not tried to make them.
I'll leave the messy flour to Panera.  
I did learn the secret is CREAM CHEESE.  I would never have guessed.

1/4 cup granulated sugar.
zest from one large orange.
3 cups all-purpose flour.
3/4 teaspoon salt.
1 tablespoon baking powder.
4 ounces cream cheese, cold.
6 tablespoons unsalted butter, cold.

2 large eggs

  1. Glaze:
  2. In a medium bowl, combine powdered sugar, vanilla, and 1 tablespoon of the orange juice. Stir in remaining orange juice, 1 tablespoon at a time, to reach desired drizzling consistency. Drizzle warm scones with glaze and serve warm.

These scones will melt in your mouth....

Tuesday is the 'whatever we are in the mood for day'.  
Golden Arches, First Watch, Hardee's and sometimes Panera.
When we go to Panera on Tuesdays, we always order their Asiago Breakfast Sandwich.
It is absolutely delicious.  Recently My Mind's Eye began picturing just how to 
replicate this delish sandwich at home. Last week the picture  was complete.
I could now make this at home. 
2 Panera's Asiago Bagels, Swiss cheese,bacon (they use apple smoked bacon) I used
Oscar Mayer thick bacon, and eggs. I think they make the sandwich then
put it their griddle to press and heat.

 On Friday we bought 2 extra Asiago bagels. 
In order to save time and clean up on Sunday I cooked the bacon Saturday.

Sunday morning I made two Asiago Breakfast Sandwiches at home.
I toasted the bagels in the oven, added the Swiss Cheese to one side of the toasted bagel
spread Brummel Brown (yogurt margarine on the other side while it was hot). 
Then I beat two eggs in a bowl cooked them like an omelet. 
Divided the eggs on the two sandwiches and this is what we had.
A very very delicious homemade Asiago Breakfast Sandwich.  
Easy peasy because I didn't have to make the bagels they have flour.  
We also had delicious Peet's Major Dickason Coffee to go with our sandwiches.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Things I remember from childhood: Part III

How many reading this are older enough to remember the first ever T.V. sets available for homes?
It was 1956 when my Dad brought home Sylvania television with halo light.
It was fancy for sure and at the time Sylvania was the only TV with the halo light. 
The white area around the tv was the 'halo light'.

What a thrill it was to watch.    Of course
you had to nearly sit on top of it to see the program, but we didn't know any better so
we were in hog heaven.  I've mentioned before we lived with my Annie Ma until I was about 7 years old. She was a woman ahead of her time welcoming this strange box into her home.
I recall she especially enjoyed The Ed Sullivan Show and she loved all the mystery/crime shows.
Dragnet was one of her favorite shows.
The day after Dragnet was on many of her neighbors would congregate on her huge front porch, with many rocking chairs, to talk about previous night's show. The first person to arrive was always
Mr. Martin, you met him in Part 1.
He owned the corner grocery store where the dill pickles were sold.

One day when he arrived he was very quiet.  Annie Ma asked him what was the matter.
He said, I'm not watching Dragnet any more.  Jack Webb was shot last night and I'm sure he is dead.
Mr. Martin was quite gullible.  He never quite realize TV was fiction. It took a very long time for Annie MA to convince him no one was dead it was just acting.

Here are a few Dragnet facts.

Dragnet —later syndicated as Badge 714 —[1] is an American television series, based on the radio series of the same name, both created by their star, Jack Webb. Both shows take their name from the police term dragnet, which means a system of coordinated measures for apprehending criminals or suspects. Webb reprised his radio role of Los Angeles police detective Sergeant Joe Friday. Ben Alexander co-starred as Friday's partner, Officer Frank Smith.

The Theme song titled Danger Ahead was memorable!!
The ominous, four-note introduction to the brass and tympani theme music (titled "Danger Ahead"), composed by Walter Schumann, is instantly recognizable.[2] It is derived from Miklós Rózsa's score for the 1946 film version of The  Killers.
If you don't remember, paste this link into Gigi Google

Please have a muffis

This morning when I opened the fridge, My Mind's Eye saw a need for muffis ... family joke .  Once I sent my daughter an email to te...